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Penthouse 펜트하우스 Episode 1 Recap

Bright fireworks bloomed in the night sky. In the apartment, a woman in a white nightdress walked up the spiral staircase. Upstairs, the maid waited on the woman to put on a gorgeous dress. The maid watched her leave. The woman was Shen Xiulian. .

At the ball, many men and women in gorgeous dresses were dancing. Shen Xiulian descended steadily on the transparent elevator, watching the fireworks blooming outside the building, she suddenly noticed that a hand stretched out next to the building to push a girl down. Shen Xiulian was covering her mouth in horror. The young girl quickly fell from above, and his figure was still reflected in the girl’s eyes. Seeing the woman falling down, Shen Xiulian covered her mouth and screamed.

With tears in her eyes, the young woman smashed through the glass and fell onto the sculpture. The edges and corners of the sculpture pierced her body. The blood was spilled on the sculpture, staining the pool under the sculpture red. Many people stood in the open space outside the building and watched the fireworks blooming in the night sky, and they did not notice the incident.

Two months ago, a short-haired woman Wu Yunxi took a male customer to the house, and the male customer mentioned the soprano Qian Shuzhen. A hint of displeasure flashed across Wu Yunxi’s face, and he quickly changed the subject and showed the male customer to the house. The man pulled off the collar of her neck with Wu Yunxi, revealing a scar on her neck.

Wu Yunxi angrily rebuked the male customer for being unreasonable. The male customer took two banknotes and smashed her and wanted to change the house. Wu Yunxi picked up the two bills and got into the car cursingly.

Liu Jieni was singing in the training room, but the high pitch couldn’t be reached. Suddenly seeing the door closed without knowing who was closing, the man left, and Liu Jieni chased it out. In the evening, Luona Pei was playing the piano and singing in the dark training room. As soon as the lights came on, Jieni Liu came in, humiliated Luona and drove Pei Luona out.

Liu Jieni’s mother came to pick her up from school and learned that a person named Pei Luona had caused her daughter to cry. Wu Yunxi took two people to inspect the house, and she felt a little helpless because the two people felt that the house was not going well. Only after receiving a call from the teacher did she realize that she hadn’t gone to cram school for several months, and took her money to buy music-related books. Pei Luona said that she likes singing, but Wu Yunxi disagreed, and the two had a big fight.

When Wu Yunxi got up, she saw the post-it note her daughter put on the table, and Pei Luona said that she would sing anyway. Qian Shu is really famous, and some wealthy parents send their children to let her guide. Liu Jieni’s mother helped Qian Ruizhen borrow the Haiyan Art and Music Hall, and for Liu Jieni a place to study with Qian Ruizhen.

At the party, several people were talking about current life and the children, Qian Shu was really unhappy. Qian Shuzhen had a bad relationship with her husband and had a big fight at the bar. Shen Xiulian stepped forward to comfort Qian Shu that men are like that. Qian Shuzhen looked at the loving Shen Xiulian and his wife at the dinner table, a little jealous. So she retaliated against Shen Xiulian and deliberately seduce Shen Xiulian’s husband, Chairman Zhu, Qian Shuzhen deliberately poured wine on his dress and left.

Qian Shuzhen changed his dress in the room, and the zipper on the back was not closed. Chairman Zhou came to his room, and the two were very ambiguous. Shen Xiulian came to look for President Zhou and found Qian Shuzhen’s room. President Zhou hid and escaped Shen Xiulian’s search.

Pei Luona recorded a sample song on her mobile phone in the training room, and sent it to Qian Shu really wanting a lesson in Qian Shu. Liu Jieni designed to frame Pei Luona, pretending to be drugged by Pei Luona, causing her throat to break. A group of people quarreled in the teacher’s office and moved their hands. Finally, Wu Yunxi knelt down and apologized.

It turned out that Wu Yunxi and Qian Shuzhen used to go to school in the same college. Qian Shuzhen also designed to frame Wu Yunxi. Qian Shuzhen cut her throat, which caused her to be unable to sing. Luona Pei came to Qian Shuzhen and wanted to take her class. Qian Shuzhen realized that her voice missed Wu Yunxi’s voice, and Wu Yunxi broke in.

At the school violence meeting, the leaders were accusing them, and the accusations made Wu Yunxi think of his previous events. She yelled, kicked the headmaster’s face, yelled at everyone, took her daughter away, and brought her daughter to Qian Shuzhen to declare war.

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