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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 27 Recap

Zhao Zimo shook Sophia’s hand, and memories of previous lives appeared in his mind, shocked to himself. Zhao Zimo found the information of the supplier of the ingredients and prepared to check the source of the ingredients imported by Chef Pan Dongkai. Zhao Zimo wants Xiaqin to rest assured that he will take care of it. It turned out that Pan Dongkai, who had no conscience, cooked the expired seafood for the customers to make a difference. Zhao Zimo decided to expose Pan Dongkai and start layout.

Zhang Liqian invited Zhao Zimo to dinner with Xiaqin and discussed the press conference of Zhang’s Group and Lingxiao Hotel’s cooperation to transform the old street. Zhang Liqian actively proposed that after holding the cooperation conference, Xia Qin asked Xiaqin to actually experience a sightseeing itinerary according to the plan in the plan. However, an accident happened during the itinerary. Xia Xian Qin once again went through life and death. In order to rescue Xia Xian Qin, Zhao Zimo put aside his principles and godliness, and could not care about so much, so he decided to take a risk.

Shao Yufang and Zhang Liqian rushed to the hospital and looked at Xiaqin in the intensive care unit. Shao Yufang was furious and punched, blaming Zhao Zimo for failing to protect Xiaqin. Zhao Zimo, who blames himself, has no excuse. Zhang Liqian worried that Shao Yufang would lose control and force her away. Zhao Zimo, who fell into the abyss and was quite desperate, decided to summon the Jade Emperor to pray for Xiaqin.

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