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Ultimate Note (2020) 终极笔记

Ultimate Note (2020)
Other Title: 終極筆記, , Ultimate Note, 终极笔记, 终极笔记, Zhong Ji Bi Ji , Final Chronicles , Ultimate Chronicles , Dao Mu Bi Ji Zhi Zhong Ji Bi Ji , 盗墓笔记:终极笔记 , 盗墓笔记之终极笔记 , Ultimate Notes , The Lost Tomb 3: Ultimate Chronicles , 盗墓笔记3之终极笔记

Genres: drama, Mystery, supernatural, action, adventure, suspense
Zou Xi, Ma Xiao Gang, Wei Li Zhou
Tian Liang Liang, Zhang Yuan Ang
Release Date: 
Dec 10, 2020 – Jan 2, 2021
Related Show:
Adapted from books 5, 6, and 7 of Kennedy Xu’s 9 book, Dao Mu Bi Ji by Nan Pai San Shu


  • Zeng Shun Xi ‎as Wu Xie (voiced by Su Shang Qing)
  • Xiao Yu Liang as Zhang Qiling (voiced by Bei Chen)
  • Hani Kezi as A Ning (voiced by Zhang Zhe)
  • Liu Yu Ning as Hei Yanjing (voiced by Liu Si Cen)
  • Cheng Fang Xu as Wang Pangzi
  • Fan Ming as Wu Sanxing (voiced by Tang Shui Yu)
  • Wang Jin Song as Wu Erbai
  • Leanne Liu as Huo Xiangu (voiced by Zhang Xin)
  • Sun Mei Nan as Huo Xiangu (young)
  • Liu Yu Han as Jie Yuchen (voiced by Yi Fan)
  • Liu Ruo Yan as Huo Xiuxiu (voiced by Zhang Yu Meng)
  • Wan Pei Xin as Pan Zi (voiced by Li Yu Feng)
  • Tao Luo Yi as Chen Wenjin (voiced by Bai Xue Cen)
  • Zhang Ming En as Zhang Rishan
  • Zhang Fan as Jin Wantang
  • Feng Guan Hua as Jin Wantang (young)
  • Hu Yun Hao as Chen Pi A Si
  • Zhu Jie as Wang Meng
  • He Wei Ran as Tuo Ba
  • Ju Ke Er as Yun Cai
  • Hong Xuan as Yin Nanfeng
  • Kris Bole as Cox Hendry (voiced by Lu Yang)
  • Jiang Han as Wu Laosi
  • Pema Jyad as Zha Xi
  • Pierre Bourdaud as Gao Jia Suo Ren
  • Guo Yang as Broker

Curious about his uncle’s past, Wu Xie watched a mysterious videotape, only to find himself mixed up in an elaborate conspiracy. In his adventures, he encountered Zhang Qi Ling, Xie Yu Chen, and others. The 6 people with different motives decided to band together. Zhang Qi Ling lost his memory by accident. The group discovered the Zhang family’s old manor held the answers they sought. However, they were stopped in their tracks by Qiu De Kao’s forces. Later, thanks to an ancient Lei family blueprint, Wu Xie became acquainted with Madam Huo of the Jiumen Sect.

At her suggestion, the group embarked on a tomb raid which the Jiumen Sect had attempted many years ago in search of the truth. Unfortunately, Wu Xie was severely injured during the journey while Zhang Qi Ling went missing, leaving the mystery unsolved. Xie Yu Chen suggested Wu Xie disguise as his uncle, but Wu Xie was hesitant.

Episode Lists:

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