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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 34 Recap

After several days of investigation and visits, Lao Cheng and his subordinates finally locked up a dental clinic. It is reported that a doctor in the dental clinic has stitches comparable to embroidery, but the lady boss straightforwardly denied that she had seen this person as soon as she saw Lao Huang’s photo. After Lao Cheng and them were sent away, the lady boss hurriedly pulled his wife over and told him not to reveal anything. The people six years ago were definitely not good, but all this was heard by Lao Cheng who returned halfway. Be clear.

The boss had no choice but to confess that he had seen Lao Huang injured six years ago, and had to deal with the wound for him under the threat of the other party, but he kept a heart and kept the bullet that he took out. Old Cheng Ta At first glance, he recognized that this was the bullet used by Deng Kun’s pistol model, but Huang claimed that he had shot Deng Kun’s two sons rigorously, so how did the shot on him come from? It seems that Huang is lying.

When it rained, Li Yuan was wearing a black cap and leaning on the stall for dinner. Suddenly he saw a cleaner on the opposite side who was very familiar. At this moment, the stall owner recognized that he was the person most wanted by the police and called the police. Zhao Tinghui immediately arranged for someone to investigate after he got the news. He came to the place where he met Lao Huang and found footprints stained with paint. He recalled that it was the shoes worn by the mysterious cleaner in the surveillance…

The person responsible for tracing the rigorous traces came news: Zhao Tinghui was discouraged with no results. He had already paid too much for this case. When can he be brought to justice?

After returning to the police station, Lao Han immediately interrogated Huang Faxiang and asked him how he took out the bullet. Lao Huang said that he had taken it out with scissors when he went home, and that he had temporarily stayed in a hotel, but his confession was full of loopholes. Finally, when I saw the bullet, it finally fell apart.

Facing the iron-clad facts, Huang Faxiang didn’t know what to do, so he had to honestly confess that he had panicked before. The person who fired the shot was not rigorous. After rigorous was stunned by Deng Kun, a man in police uniform fired a black shot. , And he also had evil intentions after learning of the huge profits of drug trafficking. After the incident that day, he coveted Deng Kun’s drug-making formula, and then he followed Deng Kun’s two sons all the way until they encountered rigorous stalemate.

Deng Kun stunned, and a mysterious man in a police uniform appeared. He met Deng Kun and killed his two sons. After the mysterious man left, Huang Faxiang came to Deng Kun to get the one. There was a cell phone containing a drug formula. Unexpectedly, Deng Kun was not dead. Instead, he shot Huang Faxiang. This is the source of the wound on his body.

Later, he confessed that the ghost of the mysterious policeman was left-handed, and he and Deng Kun His wife Liu Ying also has some improper relations between men and women. As for why he slandered rigorousness, it was because rigorous had wanted to kill people. Fortunately, he was dead and did not die completely. Although rigorous was wearing a hat and mask, he concluded that the person was rigorous. He wanted to kill himself.

Entrusted by Xiaoou, Feng Weixing sent Zhanyu’s mother some daily necessities, and then came to the time of the year. When chatting with Xiaoou rigorously, Feng Weixing urged her to believe the law and let the police investigate the case. Rather than running away blindly and trying to tear the truth apart, Xiaoou said that rigorousness has no way out of its current situation, and she believes that rigorous heart and ability will definitely find the real culprit.

Lao Cheng quickly interrogated Liu Ying and asked about the ghost in the police back then. She just said that she didn’t know the true identity. She only knew that Deng Kun called him old A. As for what the ghost looked like, she had not personally seen it.

Lao Cheng gave Zhao Tinghui the evidence obtained from his investigations these days, saying that rigorousness may be innocent. It is really helpless to escape from the wedding. It is not the so-called absconding in fear of crime, but Zhao Tinghui always insisted on his views. Lao Cheng admitted that Strict was his brother who was born to death. At the beginning, he suspected that he had killed his two sons. The events of these days made him feel guilty for his brother.

In the past two days, Feng Lele always had nosebleeds and fever. Niya Feng Weixing could not help being scared. But if Lele did not go to the hospital, Feng Weixing was distressed, but she could only tell her son if he was uncomfortable at school. Let the teacher inform him. Niya specially invited Xiaoou to celebrate Lao Feng’s birthday.

Lele took advantage of Lao Feng’s birthday to give him blessings, but facing his son’s happy smile, Lao Feng didn’t feel like thinking of his illness. Afterwards, Lao Feng thanked Xiaoou for knowing Niya because of her, and let him have a home. Xiaoou urged Lao Feng to get married with Niya, and Lele also agreed, but Lao Feng never expressed his opinion.

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