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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 33 Recap

Feng Weixing Niya waited anxiously outside Zhao Tinghui’s office. Xiaoou sat on the sofa facing the black-faced Zhao Tinghui, but calmly said that she didn’t know anything. Zhao Tinghui gritted his teeth: You used my trust to help rigorously escape and shield the suspect. You have to bear the legal responsibility. Faced with Zhao Tinghui’s coaxing, Xiaoou still stared and said that he didn’t know anything, but Zhao Tinghui had no choice but to let go Left her.

Old Cheng frowned. Strict was originally a major suspect. Now he disappeared at the wedding. This is tantamount to absconding in fear of crime. He had a headache and sent his subordinates to report to him. Suddenly he remembered that the wedding was strict and repeatedly told him to eat wedding candy. The bonbon chocolate inside, he hurried home, and after unpacking the wrapping paper, he found rigorous handwriting: Lao Huang lied, trust me.

After Xiaoou returned home, she locked herself in the room without eating or drinking. Ji’s father and mother were very worried, for fear of what’s wrong with this baby girl. Xiaoou sat on the bed with mixed feelings in his heart, opened the laptop, and jumped out for a while. The video is rigorous. It looks like it was recorded before the wedding. In the screen, he gave all of his wealth to Xiao Ou in a few words and told her to be well, and she would come back safe and sound.

Xiao Ou looked at the screen. Strict, she couldn’t help but burst into tears. Everything would be fine. Don’t give up on yourself. In the longing and anticipation of the future, she finally cheered up, walked out of the room and ate dinner as if nothing happened, and comforted Ji Mu Don’t do bad things, don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door, do whatever you want, don’t worry about Zhao Tinghui.

Xiaoou returned to her new house with rigor. According to the rigorous explanation in the video, she took out the cash in the safe and went to the rigorous restaurant to set up the staff. When she arrived there, she found that the door had been surrounded by journalists with long guns and short cannons. Facing the camera, Xiaoou’s eyes were firm, declaring that rigor is innocent, and that the real culprit is someone else, and believes that the law will make a fair judgment.

Zhao Tinghui and others watched the media reports on the news in the conference room. As expected, public opinion had already turned to Ji Xiaoou. The call from the higher-level department came quickly, reprimanding him for ineffective handling of the case, Zhao Tinghui was very upset and promised to take the blame and resign if the case is not solved.

When arranging the staff, although she said that although one-third of the staff had been seized, she would not be sorry for everyone. Everyone could find another way out with their salary. But to her comfort, the staff chose to work with her and rigorously. At this time, Zhao Tinghui called her out, expressing the hope that Xiaoou would stop trying to guide public opinion.

Xiaoou refused decisively and left with a cold face. Zhao Tinghui was very frustrated. He knew that he was born as a rigorous special soldier in the field. The survivability is extremely strong, so he ordered his subordinates to step up to find people, and implement 24-hour monitoring of Ji Xiaoou.

Niya asked Feng Weixing about Xiaoou’s current situation, and asked if she would stay one-third in the future. After getting the affirmative answer, Niya’s eyes were dim, whether the man she was desperate to marry was worth.

Zhao Tinghui seemed to have a heartache about this case. Not only did he work overtime, he also pulled his colleagues to monitor Ji Xiaoou day and night. He sat in front of the monitor, his eyes daring not to leave for a while. Yang Cheng came and told Zhao Tinghui that there was no progress in searching for rigorous work. The opponent was extremely capable of anti-reconnaissance, and he didn’t know how to start.

Rigorous here has already hid in the wild mountains, piled up fires and roasted things from hunting to feed his hunger. Thanks to previous training, he could not starve to death in such a harsh environment. In order to let Xiaoou feel at ease, the rigorous hand-made Kongming Lantern proved safety to Xiaoou. In this night that is almost doomed to the fate of a few people, no one can really fall asleep.

Lao Cheng looked through the photos of Huang Faxiang’s wounds that year, and found that the incident was inconsistent with Lao Huang’s confession. He kept saying that it was the wound he treated himself.

According to the stitching method and characteristics, it should be a professional wound. The subordinates came to the area where the second son’s case occurred and started to check the small clinic, trying to find new clues. And Xiaoou took the time to visit Yan Shen in jail, and told Yan Shen not to worry too much about her family, who are all very nice, and let her take care of herself. Yan Shen also advised Xiaoou not to give up. She believed her brother and believed that the truth would always come to light.

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