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Magic Moment 粉紅色時光 Episode 12 Recap

Yitong decided to go to Japan for development and gathered everyone together. The elders and young people talked and laughed about the past, but Zhijia could not cross the invisible boundary in his heart, unable to tell Yitong his sincerity. Before Acheng left home, he also warned him to love in time. Zhijia went out and said “love” bravely?

Or will it retreat again? In the season of birds and flowers, there is an atmosphere of new year and new hope. Fortunately, Jinjin helped Kesen make perfect dumplings in advance, so that Kesen is not alone in the New Year. While Yitong came to visit Xiuyan with a gift box, Xiuyan worried that Yitong would be helpless in Japan, instead of Liya to take care of her and asked her, and Xiuyan was moved by Tong to embrace Xiuyan as if she missed Liya…

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