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Magic Moment 粉紅色時光 Episode 11 Recap

Yitong has become accustomed to finding Zhijia to share his work, but seeing Xiaoru open the door and shouting Zhijia’s father, Yitong is still confused when Zhijia will be with Yuqi… and inexplicably received Zhijia’s wrong transmission ” Yuqi, I like you.” Yitong resolutely went to Japan to develop her cooking skills. How could Zhijia explain her own intentions, but she was not recognized by the competitive Yitong. The two people who had always missed gave up on each other’s sincerity?

Old classmates Xiuyan and Jinjin came to visit Shuxian. The three talked about the young people’s feelings about feelings. Shuxian tentatively asked Jin and Kesen’s feelings and found that they were used to taking care of each other’s daily life. Everyone congratulated Jinjin for being Mrs. Jiang , Will they accompany each other for the rest of their lives because of everyone’s mischievous matchmaking?

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