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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 26 Recap

Zhang Liqian successfully rented Aniu’s room and stayed at Shao’s house again. Shao Yufang’s objection was invalid, and she ran away from home with anger and took refuge in her good sister Xia Qin. Sophia was drinking alone in the bar, and she couldn’t help crying when she recalled Lin Manyue’s care. The drunk Sophia met Zhao Zimo, and Zhao Zimo sent Sophia back to the room. Zhang Lihua saw it and exhorted Zhao Tezhu to avoid suspicion.

The next day, Sophia quickly apologized to Zhao Zimo. Zhao Zimo wondered why Suya gave up the Michelin one-star chef honor and fell out with the former owner. Sophia expressed his ideas and was deeply committed by Zhao Zimo.

Sophia showed off her cooking skills in the kitchen, and everyone was shocked. Pan Dongkai went into a rage when she saw this and sued Xia Qin. Faced with many doubts during his amnesia, Zhang Liqian doubted and began to test Zhang Zhenyu.

Zhang Qizheng urged Zhang Zhenyu to follow the plan to please Xiaqin. Zhang Liqian brought Shao Yufang back to Zhang’s house to “see customers”. Unexpectedly, this customer was Zhang Qihong of the Zhang Group, and Lin Minzhu and Xu Tianai of the Xu Group. The scene was a bit embarrassing. Xu Tianai’s mother and daughter left unhappy, leaving Zhang Liqian and his son and Shao Yufang with ugly faces. Faced with Zhang Qihong’s anger, Zhang Liqian explained his plan and barely comforted his father.

Zhao Zimo seized the opportunity to randomly check the shelf life of the restaurant’s ingredients and found that everything was up to the standard. Sophia suggested that Zhao Zimo directly trace the source of the goods. Zhao Zimo thanked Sophia for her help, shook hands and greeted him. At the moment when the two of them touched their hands, memories of past lives came…

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