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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 25 Recap

Zhang Liqian asked if Shao Zi liked Aniu, but Shao Zi refused to respond positively and sent Zhang Liqian. But when he got home, Shao Yufang looked at Aniu’s cell phone, listened to the messages and read the messages, recalling the bit by bit of getting along with Aniu, and showing mixed emotions and longings. Zhao Zimo heard Sophia’s overtones and began to thoroughly check the restaurant accounts, and found that there was a difference, reminding Xiaqin to deal with it. In order to make up for the unhappy memories of the last date, Zhao Zimo invited Xia Qin to camp and relax. Zhao Zimo’s thoughtful arrangements made Xia Qin happy and pleasant.

Xiaqin thanked Zhao Zimo for making her feel on vacation, and the relationship between the two quickly grew. Lin Manyue has passed away, making Sophia very sad. Xia Qin comforted Sophia, and the two met at first sight and talked. Sophia also reminded that there is a problem with the quality of ingredients in the Lingxiao restaurant. Xiaqin asked Pan Dongkai for questioning. Pan Dongkai’s reason was to reduce the cost of kitchen ingredients in order to help the restaurant save money. Zhao Zi defaulted that this would cause the restaurant’s reputation loss, and the two confronted each other. Secretary Shao’s development plan continued.

Zhang Liqian instructed Shao Yufang to learn how to wear a tie and also took the initiative to teach. The two were very close. In the face of various “challenges,” Shao Yufang was a little impatient, arguing about improper secretary, Zhang Liqian looked a little lonely. Cai Ruping comforted and persuaded Shao Yufang not to be arrogant. Unexpectedly, Zhang Liqian appeared at the Shaojia Hydropower Company and said that he wanted to rent “Aniu’s room”?!

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