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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 24 Recap

On the way back to Lingxiao Village, Zhao Zimo saw the female plague god (Sophia) appearing behind Xia Xiaqin. Zhao Zimo was startled, full of anxiety, and quickly instructed Shancai and Bluffing God to track down Sophia’s whereabouts. Monica wanted to bribe Zhao Zimo to be an adviser to the Zhang Group. Zhao Zimo immediately rejected it, believing that Monica’s behavior made the cooperation with the Zhang Group more variables. However, Xiaqin was very happy to sign the contract successfully, and she found Zhao Zimo to have a dinner to celebrate.

When they were enjoying the romance and the slight intoxication of champagne, Zhao Zimo was surprised to see the female plague god, Zhao Zimo was distracted and stared at the female plague god and was afraid that he would miss it. Xiaqin’s whereabouts completely neglected. After Shao Yufang became the secretary, she began to observe Zhang Liqian up close. Both work and getting along are still getting along. Zhang Liqian accidentally criticized the Shao family. Shao Zi was instantly annoyed, but Zhang Liqian uncharacteristically apologized sincerely.

Xiaqin made a regular restaurant inspection and saw Sophia who was not satisfied with the meal. Sophia asked about it. Sophia said she was looking for someone. Xiaqin asked Dad Shao to help find Sophia’s Lin Manyue. The village chief Shao Wanfeng visited the preparatory office for the reconstruction of the old street. He finally met Zhang Liqian and quickly asked about the progress of the “secret plan.” Zhang Liqian asked Shao Yufang if he knew the whereabouts of the phone. Zhang Liqian didn’t expect that a sentence that made Shao Yufang mad, and Zhang Liqian couldn’t help asking: Do you…like Aniu?

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