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Healer of Children 了不起的儿科医生 Episode 1 Recap

In the early morning, Shanghai is full of traffic and the city that has been silent for a night seems to have just woken up. Only Tongxin Children’s Hospital is a 24-hour machine that never stops day and night. At this time, Deng Ziang, the deputy chief physician of General Surgery, worked 36 hours in a row last night. Even so, the young and promising he still showed up in Corey at 7 o’clock on time. As soon as he arrived, he was called to the office by Dean Gu Lifeng.

Dean Gu Tell Deng Ziang that Jiao Jiaren, a new doctor in general surgery, needs to be taught by him personally. Deng Ziang bluntly said that people who do what they do will accept them. Dean Gu just smiled and showed Jiao Jiaren’s information first. Deng Ziang agreed after reading it. Dean Gu told him that his daughter from Qianjingu would also report to him, and the two “beauties” were given to Deng Ziang together. Up.

Jiao Jiaren rushed from the station to the hospital when she ran into a little boy Li Shuo accidentally falling from the fifth floor, covered in blood. Jiao Jiaren quickly checked the injury and judged that the child had intracranial hemorrhage and hematoma. He was slow to respond to light and was waiting for rescue. During the car, she helped her child undergo cardiac resuscitation. After that, she judged that the best rescue time might be missed due to traffic jams during peak hours. Jiao Jiao had no time to think about it. She immediately stopped a taxi and accompanied Shuo Shuo’s mother to the hospital. She always pressed Shuoshuo’s occipital artery to help him stop bleeding temporarily.

After arriving in the emergency room, Deng Ziang came for treatment. He learned that Jiao Jiaren was a newcomer who had just come to report, and expressed dissatisfaction with her practice of pressing the occipital artery for a long time. After the examination, Deng Ziang arranged for the child to undergo CT to prepare for the operation immediately, and reminded Jiao Jia that it was time to report to the general surgery.

When Jiao Jiaren reported, she ran into Gu Jiaren, a specialist in general surgery. She was the daughter of Dean Gu. She had the same name as Jiao Jia. The two met on the road before. Gu Jiaren drove Jiao Jiao and splashed her with water. The beautiful woman’s 200 yuan is gone. At this time, Jiao Jiaren was eager to see Li Shuo and wanted to jump in the line to go through the formalities. She was accused by Gu Jiaren. She wanted to return the money to Gu Jiaren, but she refused.

Li Shuo needs extracorporeal membrane oxygenation surgery. Deng Ziang decided to perform craniotomy and drainage first, and then extracorporeal membrane intubation. As long as the operation is completed in a very short time, there is no need to worry about oxygen supply to the brain. Chen The director was worried that the risk of this operation would increase several times. Xu Bingze, the deputy chief physician of General Surgery, believed Deng Ziang’s medical skills and guaranteed him, and the operation plan was passed.

With excellent medical skills, Deng Ziang found the bleeding point in only 3 minutes, and successfully completed the intubation operation in 10 minutes. Shuo Shuo’s mother was very grateful to Deng Ziang, Jiao Jiaren also rushed over at this time, she hurriedly introduced to Deng Ziang that she had rushed to Shanghai from Lijiang to do special training, he was her own teacher, but Deng Ziang said coldly that she was not suitable for doctors , Unable to teach himself, turned and went into the operating room.

Colleague Cheng Zhitao saw that Jiao Jiaren was wronged in Deng Ziang’s place, and quickly brought her snacks to make her happy. The two were chatting. Jiao Jiaren received a strange Rainbow Rose Express delivery. After arriving at the office, she figured out that it was the delivery brother. I got it wrong, the rose was given to Gu Jiaren, and the cactus ball opened by Gu Jiaren was her express. Jiao Jiaren returned the 200 yuan to Gu Jiaren. Gu Jiaren formally apologized to her, but she didn’t believe her excuses for jumping in the line to save people, and warned her that Tong Xin is a battlefield, and she must take care of everything.

Gu Jiaren accidentally ran into Deng Ziang on a warm phone call outside the office, clamoring to see his girlfriend’s photos, laughing at him because he was still in good shape, and half-jokingly asked Deng Ziang if she met his mate selection criteria. Deng replied that she was too smart , He seriously reminded Gu Jiaren that she is already an official training doctor, and he will use the new standard to ask her in the future, and she won’t be merciful if she doesn’t do well.

After getting off work at noon, Cheng Zhitao graciously delivered instant noodles to Jiao Jiaren. He learned that Jiao Jiaren had not taken a plane from Lijiang to Shanghai, and that she had taken a train and felt that she was torturing himself. He reminded Jiao Jiaren to have newcomer development training tomorrow, and she must not be late.

Xu Bingze, the deputy chief physician of General Surgery, was in the dressing room and overheard a colleague discussing that now Dean Gu only values ​​Deng Ziang, and he has climbed onto his head. However, his brother-in-law repeated this to him with righteous indignation. Xu Bingze felt harsh and didn’t want to talk more.

Deng Ziang thought Jiao Jia was irritable, and Cheng Zhitao advised him not to demand others by his own standards. After all, Jiao Jia had a background, and it would be no good for Deng Ziang to offend her. Dean Gu was able to hand over Jiao Jia to him because he valued him. Deng Ziang only felt that he was the direct line of Senior Brother Xu, and he brought out himself. Cheng Zhitao reminded Deng Ziang to be more sleek.

Jiao Jiaren accidentally learned in the hospital lobby that a little girl had mistakenly drank dichlorvos as a cooking ingredient. Now that there is not enough atropine, she said nothing to help carry it. When she arrived in the dispensing room, she found a nurse crying while breaking the medicine and asked. The reason was that the 14-year-old girl needed 8,000 doses of atropine injections. The nurse had already broken a lot. She was really exhausted and she was crying. Jiao Jiaren immediately rolled up her sleeves and started doing it with her.

A few more helpful nurses came to the room, and several of them worked all night. On this day, Jiao Jiaren came to Shanghai for less than 24 hours. She experienced the treatment covered with blood and Shuosuo, and Teacher Deng’s severe reprimand. She tirelessly repeated the mechanical action of breaking the medicine, thinking of the great ups and downs of this day, although tired , But she knows that she is being needed, doing something meaningful, and she enjoys this feeling.

The next morning, the nurse in the emergency room was surprised that Jiao Jiaren broke more than 3,000 bottles of medicine by herself. At this time, she was so tired that she unknowingly fell asleep on the bench in the hall and missed it. A shuttle bus for outbound training. Deng Ziang returned to the office after he was busy, and saw that his colleagues were calling Jiao Jiaren because the hospital office couldn’t contact her, and he was so angry that they prevented everyone from doing this.

After Jiao Jiaren woke up and learned that the shuttle bus had left, she had to listen to the advice of the doctor and go to the emergency room to bandage the blood hole on her hand.

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