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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 27 Recap

Shi Cuizhi missed Xu Shuhui, and pretended to be strong in front of Gu Manzhen. The two drank together and Gu Manzhen was drunk. Back at home, Gu Manlu saw the envelope containing money. She accused Gu Manzhen of not accepting Shen Shijun’s money casually, thinking that Shen Shijun gave Gu Manzhen the money in order to buy her as a mistress.

Shi Cuizhi was drunk, talking to herself, and saying a lot of things in her heart. She hated Shi Jingxuan because he took away her innocence, took away her beloved Xu Shuhui, and took away her courage to believe in love . Little did she know that these words she said were heard clearly by Shi Jingxuan who walked into the room behind her.

Shi Jingxuan called Master Shen and wanted him to come to Shanghai to discuss the wedding. Master Shen brought Liang Shu and Mrs. Shi to Shanghai, one for Longtai’s business, and two because Mrs. Shi missed Shi Cuizhi. Shen Shijun kept Longtai in good order, saying that he hoped Master Shen would participate when it opened. Master Shen refused, saying that he had handed over the business to Shen Shijun and he didn’t worry about it. He hinted that Shen Shijun did not intend to be prosperous and wealthy when he was old, and only hoped that Shen Shijun could get married and have children quickly. Shen Shijun was very helpless, and Master Shen deliberately expressed physical discomfort. Shen Shijun looked at the seriously ill Master Shen, he hesitated a little.

In the evening, Shi Jingxuan arranged a meal and deliberately said Shen Shijun’s goodness on the table, and also mentioned Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi’s childhood. The two families played mahjong together, and Mrs. Shi kept talking, and Shen Shijun was worried. Shi Jingxuan deliberately said something, Master Shen was emotional and told him not to divorce easily. He was willing to go to Dr. Al to issue a certificate of severe sick leave. This is also to make Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi married, Shi Jingxuan is secretly happy, Jiang is still hot.

The opening of Longtai is just around the corner. Uncle Liang has arranged for him, and Shen Shijun is also ready. He just waited for the opening and said that he would use Longtai as the benchmark of the Shanghai leather goods store, so that every customer entering Longtai can feel the spirit of Longtai.

Master Shen passed the abacus given by his father to Shen Shijun, and Shen Shijun said he would do it well. Suddenly, the buddy came to report that something went wrong with the fur store. Zhu Hongcai led people to make trouble at the door, beat the owner of a leather goods store, and smashed his shop. The boss was very angry when he was injured, thinking that Longtai was opening, deliberately looking for people to make trouble, and wanted to buy their fur shops.

Shen Shijun drove away Zhu Hongcai and apologized to the boss. He heard that the boss was a fur designer and planned to hire him to work. Master Shen saw this scene and said that he would hand Longtai to Shen Shijun and Liangshu in the future.

Shen Shijun didn’t know what to do. His own Longtai was like a robber in the eyes of others. Gu Manzhen advised him not to give up, think about Master Shen’s body and ask him to stick to it. Shen Shijun took out the family heirloom abacus and gave it to Gu Manzhen for safekeeping, thinking that she was his wife and looking forward to the future life. When my mother saw the abacus, she thought it was an ironclad dowry. She was very happy. It was Master Shen who came to Shanghai to ask Shen Shijun to propose marriage. Gu Manlu believes nothing, and thinks that the most reliable thing is to get married right away.

Dr. Al mentioned to Shen Shijun that he should take care of Master Shen and be calm. Shi Jingxuan greeted Dr. Al in advance, but he did not expect that Master Shen was really ill. There was a lump in his stomach, but Dr. Al did not tell Shen Shijun the truth.

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