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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 25 Recap

Gu Manzhen was very sad. She didn’t understand why Gu Manlu returned to Paramount. She felt that she had hands and feet and could do other things. She accused her mother that Gu Manlu should not be allowed to return to Paramount, a place like Paramount would swallow Gu Manlu. The mother was also very distressed, insulting herself as a bad person, it was her that made Gu Manlu fall into the limelight. Gu Manzhen knew that his tone was too heavy, and he hugged his mother and the two cried bitterly.

Gu Manzhen went to Zhu Hongcai, let Zhu Hongcai find a way to deal with Gu Manlu, and let Gu Manlu come to Caiji Foreign Firm as the PR manager. Zhu Hongcai looked at Gu Manzhen’s sake, and wanted to use this to please her, and promised to invite Gu Manlu tonight. Gu Manzhen promised that if Gu Manlu came to work here, she would help Caiji Yangxing typing for one year for free.

Zhu Hongcai sent flowers. Gu Manlu was very happy and thought she was still welcome. In front of everyone, Zhu Hongcai expressed that he would invite Gu Manlu to work as the public relations manager of Caiji International. Gu Manlu was surprised. She didn’t know what medicine Zhu Hongcai sold in the gourd, but she couldn’t say anything in front of everyone. Gu Manzhen disguised herself as a man and danced with Gu Manlu to say goodbye to Paramount.

Gu Manlu was very angry, thinking that Gu Manzhen was making her own way and that she couldn’t leave Paramount, she wanted to return to her roots here. But Gu Manzhen retorted that the people here have no roots, and it is not suitable for Gu Manlu to stay long. Gu Manlu likes the work of a dancer. She doesn’t know what she can do besides being a dancer. Gu Manzhen gave the business card of Gu Manlu’s public relations manager. Gu Manlu said that only when he became a partner of Caiji International, he agreed to leave Paramount.

Shen Shijun reported to Shi Jingxuan about Longtai. Shi Jingxuan threatened Shen Shijun and asked him to let Shi Cuizhi back on track. He said that Xu Shuhui had been let go and Gu Manzhen would never be let go. He asked Shen Shijun not to see Gu Manzhen again.

Shen Shijun went to Gu’s house and knocked on the door. There was no one in the house. He thought it was Gu Manzhen who was hiding from him. Gu Manzhen sat on the tram alone, and wanted to run into Shen Shijun in the tram. The two of them were sitting in different trams and saw each other. After getting out of the car, they flew to hug each other.

Shen Shijun apologized, not deliberately to neglect Gu Manzhen, but because Longtai had a lot of things to be busy. Gu Manzhen was very uncomfortable. Shen Shijun accidentally said the wrong thing because of the troubles of Longtai’s business, which made Gu Manzhen angry. He spends time with Shi Cuizhi every day because of his work, saying that he is a man and must continue to do everything. Gu Manzhen was very worried, Shi Jingxuan had too many methods and worried that Shen Shijun would be used by him. Everything Shen Shijun did was for the future of the two. Gu Manzhen expressed her love, and Shen Shijun asked her to give herself more time.

Shen Shijun prepared a ferry ticket for Gu Manzhen and asked her to work in a Hong Kong newspaper. When she stabilized, she would go to find her. Gu Manzhen told her about going to Hong Kong. Gu Manlu and her mother resolutely disagreed. Gu Manlu said that he couldn’t believe in men. Gu Manzhen quarreled with Gu Manlu. Gu Manzhen said that she had long legs and she was willing to desperate for love.

Gu Manlu finds Shen Shijun and asks him to give Gu Manzhen a name or get married. But Shen Shijun has been evading Gu Manlu’s question, hoping that she can give herself time, indicating that he has no choice now. Gu Manlu offered to let him break up with Gu Manzhen and let him go. Shen Shijun was very angry and agreed to break up with Gu Manzhen and let Gu Manlu go back to spread the word.

After Gu Manzhen found out, he went to Longtai to find Shen Shijun for theory, only to see that the catalog that his buddy had handed over to Shen Shijun for preparation was actually the arrangement for his marriage to Shi Cuizhi. Gu Manzhen was very angry, and without saying a word after returning home, the family was worried that it would be broken.

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