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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 24 Recap

Gu Manzhen didn’t know what to do. He heard that Shi Jingxuan was coming up. Zhu Hongcai as long as Gu Manzhen begs her, he can save her. Shen Shijun was very angry and told Zhu Hongcai not to hit his own Gu Manzhen’s idea, he really wanted to hit him. But Zhu Hongcai was not afraid at all, saying that if Shi Jingxuan knew about it, Shen Shijun would definitely not be able to escape the relationship. Gu Manzhen didn’t want Shen Shijun to be embarrassed, so he ran out first.

Shi Cuizhi came to Xu Shuhui’s house and hugged him. Xu Shuhui couldn’t stand his emotions and kissed her directly. After the two returned to the room, Xu Shuhui stopped their intimate actions, saying that he could not harm Shi Cuizhi, he could not marry her, nor could he give her happiness. Shi Cuizhi was very sad. She couldn’t stand Xu Shuhui’s weakness and said that she could be happy in the future and marry someone as a wife. The two have no part in this life, cannot walk together, only embrace each other deeply.

Gu Manzhen took the initiative to admit responsibility, and Shi Jingxuan was furious. Gu Manzhen said that he had never seen the love between life and death. She was not afraid of death, and had the courage to pursue love without hesitation, so that he could fulfill Shi Cuizhi and Xu Shuhui and let Shi Cuizhi truly have love. Shi Jingxuan bet Gu Manzhen that he believed his daughter would definitely come back. Gu Manzhen didn’t believe it. She thought Shi Cuizhi would not come back if he could escape. Unexpectedly, the door opened at this time and Shi Cuizhi returned.

Gu Manzhen was shocked in her heart. She did not witness the miracle of love. She ran to Maple Leaf like crazy, looking for the sign she had previously wished. Shen Shijun was very worried about her. Gu Manzhen felt shocked. She could not go to the other side of love without working hard. She couldn’t stand her courage to pursue love and lost. She refused to accept her fate. Gu Manzhen said that if she really came to the separation from Shen Shijun, she would say goodbye to him without leaving any regrets.

Shi Jingxuan asked Shen Shijun to comfort Shi Cuizhi, and Shen Shijun wanted to leave Shi’s family because of Longtai’s busy business. Shi Jingxuan was very angry, thinking that Gu Manzhen was too bold. If what happened today would have disastrous consequences, he would never allow his daughter to leave him.

Gu Manzhen told Gu Manlu not to smoke and go shopping to watch movies, worrying that she would be bored at home. Gu Manlu looked at the ring in Gu Manzhen’s hand, so that she could not continue to be stupid. Men’s words were all deceitful, and it was impossible to have any sincerity. Zhu Hongcai came to pester Gu Manzhen again, saying that everything he did was for her good, and forced her to go to Shijia to apologize. Fortunately, the mother stopped in time. She did not allow anyone to move her daughter. The mother was also very angry and Gu Manlu was sick.

Gu Manzhen took Gu Manlu out to relax. She said she would accompany Gu Manlu. Gu Manlu went to the barber shop and met Sister Meifeng. She learned that her mother had visited her and wanted her to stay in Shanghai. Gu Manlu was very angry, thinking that no one could stop the way she wanted to go.

Shen Shijun found Gu Manzhen, accompanied her to work, and passed by Longtai’s shop by the way. Gu Manzhen was very angry, thinking that Xu Shuhui had just lost love, and seeing Shen Shijun still talking about business, thinking that he was indifferent. This made Gu Manzhen question the true or false of each other.

When Gu Manlu watched the children play games, she also became interested. Gu Manzhen thought Gu Manlu was fine when she saw it. Gu Manlu was drunk, and Gu Manzhen was very angry. She unexpectedly drank with Zhu Hongcai and went to Paramount, where they quarreled again.

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