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Walking With You in This World 陪你漫步这个世界 Episode 27 Recap

Xu Wei looked for his shawl everywhere early in the morning. Wang Chuang only focused on eating in the kitchen. Xu Zhi quickly packed his luggage. Xu Beiyang couldn’t wait. He first went out with his luggage. Wang Guokun looked downstairs in a bright beach dress. When others played chess, Xu Beiyang greeted him casually and learned that they were both of the same age and belonged to horses.

Lei and Chen Yu then rushed over. Wu Yinuo went out and called Wang Guokun to introduce his family one by one, and Wang Guokun led the way to Phoenix Island. Xu Beiyang and Chen Yu rode in the radar car. Radar curiously inquired about the progress of their relationship. Chen Yu remained silent. Radar and Xu Beiyang were brothers, and Xu Beiyang felt sick.

Wang Guokun led Xu Beiyang’s family to the island quickly. They first took a yacht to the beach. Radar and Xu Zhi forced Xu Beiyang to change into swimsuits. He was embarrassed, but he couldn’t stand everyone’s frustration, so he still bite the bullet and swim in the sea. Lei and Xu Zhi surfed, dived, and had a great time. In the end, the whole family split into two teams to play beach volleyball. Xu Beiyang and Chen Yu were responsible for scoring.

Xu Beiyang sat alone on the beach and saw Wang Guokun and Wu Yinuo taking pictures and playing from a distance. He felt very awkward and couldn’t help but complain about Chen Yu. Chen Yu also had a great time seeing Xu Zhi and Leida. , I think they are very good match. Xu Beiyang can’t understand Radar. Chen Yu has worked with Radar and praised him as a very good man. Xu Beiyang suddenly understood Radar’s sub-plans.

Xu Beiyang asked Chen Yu to recall that he called Radar to be held accountable and exposed him to pretend to be homosexual in order to get close to Xu Zhi. Radar confessed to this. He admitted that he did this because he did not want Xu Beiyang to arrange his blind date. , And Radar also saw that he and Chen Yu were in a fake relationship. In the end, the two agreed to keep each other secret.

Wang Guokun and Radar chatted very speculatively, and also introduced a few customers to Xu Zhi. Wang Guokun and Wang Chuang played together in King Glory. The whole family thought Wang Guokun was very good. Xu Beiyang saw that Wu Yinuo and Wang Guokun were always tired of being together. Feeling unhappy, Chen Yu advised him to learn from Wang Guokun.

Wu Yinuo suggested that everyone play Truth or Dare together. Radar responded positively. Xu Beiyang bite the bullet and sat and play together. Wang Chuang got the big adventure in the second round. Radar asked him to act like a baby to Xu Beiyang, and Wang Chuang had to do it. Next, the radar drew a big adventure. He completed it as required. Xu Beiyang drew the smallest amount. He wanted to play the truth. Wang Guokun asked about the relationship between him and Chen Yu. Xu Beiyang didn’t want to answer, so he accepted the punishment by drinking.

Wu Yinuo got the truth. She announced in public that she was in love with Wang Guokun. Xu Beiyang was shocked. Wang Guokun also wanted to ask for Xu Beiyang’s consent. He resolutely refused to do it, and even beat Wang Guokun. Xu Beiyang wanted to take Wu with him. Enoch returned to the city, but there was no boat to go back tomorrow afternoon. Xu Beiyang overturned the table in a rage. Radar, Wang Chuang and others hurriedly persuaded him to leave.

Wu Yinuo went to the beach alone to get sulking. Wang Guokun came to comfort her and asked her to explain to Xu Beiyang that Wu Yinuo didn’t want to face Xu Beiyang, but could only bite the bullet and go to see Xu Beiyang. Xu Beiyang gave her a severe lesson. After a meal, she complained that she shouldn’t find an old man to fall in love and yelled at Wang Guokun for being an old man and disrespectful. Wu Yinuo and him fought hard, and the two quarreled so hard that Wu Yinuo went away in anger. Wang Guokun wanted to explain to Xu Beiyang. Radar advised him not to provoke Xu Beiyang now.

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