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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 31 Recap

Finally, the twenty-four hours arrived, and the body of freedom was restored strictly. Before leaving, he expressed to Lao Cheng that he was willing to cooperate with him to find out the cause of the death of the two sons.

Zhao Tinghui was here again, and Niya couldn’t call him when she saw him. At this time, her subordinates called him, and he knew that Ou was waiting downstairs in the anti-drug detachment. Zhao Tinghui rushed to the downstairs of the anti-drug detachment and saw Xiaoou. His enthusiasm was still unable to impress this former girlfriend. Zhao Tinghui once again tried to prove to Xiaoou as a rigorous murder suspect. It just happened that rigorous just came out of the anti-drug detachment and was dissatisfied. Their entanglement with his girlfriend caused the three to break up unhappy.

In the police force, facing Zhao Tinghui’s questioning, Lao Cheng explained that there was not enough evidence to detain strictly. He and Huang Faxiang’s confession did not match, and it was not necessarily a rigorous lie. Moreover, rigorous was about to get married. Underneath, it didn’t hurt to let him go. Although Zhao Tinghui was unhappy, he could only give up.

During the meal, Xiaoou asked about the situation of prudence, and she felt very guilty in her heart. Her younger sister couldn’t get rid of the relationship when she walked this way. Although Lao Cheng still had doubts about herself, she was not afraid of shadows. After a turn, Xiao Ou said nothing about Zhao Tinghui’s recent abnormality.

When Lao Cheng was eating, his wife complained coldly that he shouldn’t be so targeted at his old friend. Now that something happened with caution, Lao Cheng still insisted on being strict, which really shouldn’t be.

Niya held the dress Feng Weixing bought for herself a few days ago and complained that she was too fat to wear it, so she couldn’t give it to Xiaoou. Feng Weixing casually agreed while playing on her mobile phone, and praised Xiao Xiao by the way. Ou, Niya was very angry and turned and left.

Years passed, Xiaoou remembered Zhao Tinghui’s words: Was it Monday when she and Jing Jing did the experiment? So I came to the blind road alone, and just walked to the door, I received a strict call. At this time, the emergency door opened, and the voice of the garbage handler aroused strict vigilance on the phone. Xiaoou hung up the phone in a hurry. , Went to the underground garage along the long blind road, Xiaoou suddenly turned around, and the end of all the truth seemed to be waving to himself.

Xiao Ou asked Zhao Tinghui to come out to meet. The two had a big disagreement on the matter of whether Xi Jin had killed or not. During the conversation, Xiao Ou didn’t know, Xi Jin was looking at the two from not far away, and then left sadly. Xiaoou’s conversation with Zhao Tinghui was as expected, and there were no results.

After returning to the homecoming years, Feng Weixing saw that her expression was wrong. After all inquiries, Xiaoou said that the experiment was overturned, and Zhao Tinghui wanted to prove the rigor. Due to the consideration of the marriage of the two, Feng Weixing heard that he immediately said that he would keep her secret.

Strict remembered Zhao Tinghui’s sure words in his mind: Goodbye is the day when Strict was arrested. Rigorous did not know whether his innocence or the iron-clad evidence in Zhao Tinghui’s hand would be overturned. Zhao Tinghui went to the hospital because he was working hard and fast. When Yang Cheng saw him like this, he couldn’t help but start to persuade himself, this superior, that there is no grass in the world, but what kind of temper is Zhao Tinghui, he sent him away in a few words. .

He himself did not stay in the hospital for long. The case was urgent and he returned to the police force soon. After receiving a call, Zhan Yu’s burial site was found. He rushed to the scene immediately. During the corpse excavation, there was a detail that caught Zhao Tinghui’s attention…

Strict came to the waters, Xiao Ou was not here, he accidentally found from Xiao Ou’s computer that Xiao Ou was investigating the corpse removal incident, and his heart sank. In the evening, Xiaoou came back and found that Jing was waiting for her in the hot pot. Tomorrow was the day to get the certificate. During the jokes, the mood of Jing was not easy. He hesitated in every way, and then it was difficult to say that he broke up.

Will easily let go of himself, facing Xiaoou’s suspicion, he is not angry, all this is like a big hand, holding all the unrelated crimes and pushing him to the cliff step by step, the road ahead is extremely dangerous. He didn’t want Xiaoou to face such a difficult life with himself. But he did not expect Xiaoou to be so firm with herself, she decisively refused to be strict, claiming that even if she died, she would never give up on him.

The next day, Xiaoou came to the Civil Affairs Bureau very early, but the place next to him was always empty. Looking at the newlyweds with happiness on their faces, Xiaoou felt bitter. At this moment, she received a text message from Zhao Tinghui, telling her that the evidence at the scene of the dismemberment showed that rigor was absolutely inseparable from the matter, and she advised Xiaoou not to entrust the wrong person.

At this time, he should have arrived at the detention center under the rigor of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Yanshen was sentenced to three years. He looked at his sister, with mixed feelings in his heart. He firmly stated that he was not the murderer of Sun Jiayu. For this brother, Yanshen has been They are all trustworthy. Only caring leads to chaos, and they will make mistakes for a while. Out of a woman’s instinct, Yan Shen realizes that his brother is in the wrong state. Only then did he learn that Zhao Tinghui overthrew the experiment and his murderer status was almost imminent. Has become a fact.

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