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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 30 Recap

Years passed, Xiaoou received a call from Zhao Tinghui. The other party claimed to know rigorous things and asked Xiaoou to come out on this basis. After Xiaoou left for the appointment, Zhao Tinghui was the one who talked about him. In her constant questioning, Zhao Tinghui finally admitted that she was rigorous because she was suspected of being the cause of Sun Jia’s death, and was taken back to the police by Lao Cheng for questioning. Strictly gave a false testimony to Strict, and Strict was informed. Unexpectedly, Xiao Ou didn’t believe it at all.

Zhao Tinghui’s eyes were red, and he emotionally said that he had broken up because of cancer. In order not to hurt Xiao Ou, he had to let go She waited until she had survived the illness, but found painfully that her former lover got rid of the pain and fell in love with others, and found that the lives of the two of them had drifted away. Xiaoou returned to the homecoming years, sitting alone in the backyard, remembering his unsettled love, his nose was sour, and the knot of many years was finally solved.

In the police force, Old Cheng told Jing that he and Yan Shen were innocent, and Yan Jing was angry in his heart and said that he could not believe it, but this is not a place to talk about personal matters. The topic of the conversation quickly turned back to the case six years ago, and he answered carefully. Dao, I have always thought that Zhang Guoqiang was the real murderer, but until he became an undercover agent, he received a mysterious call.

The other party claimed to have insight into all the truth about the Zhang Guoqiang incident and threatened to lurch to the little beauty, in order to confirm what the mysterious man said. It was decided to answer the respondent’s truth or falsehood. Later, he rigorously stated that he didn’t know anything about Lao Cheng’s other questions, and the two brothers broke up unhappy.

Lao Cheng looked through the glass outside the interrogation room and looked at the rigor of doing push-ups leisurely inside. He was not angry. However, he couldn’t bear it, so he sent him a bucket of instant noodles. Lao Cheng told Strict everything that Huang Faxiang had explained at the police station. He was definitely not the murderer who killed Sun Jiayu. When he rushed to the scene of the crime, Sun Jiayu was exposed to being held hostage. He was also conspired to protect Sun Jiayu.

After waking up, he found that Sun Jiayu was dead. He also became a so-called murderer somehow, and said that Huang’s confession at the police station did not match the so-called truth he told him. Old Cheng was surprised that Huang Faxiang and Jing had seen him before, and the strict words made him tell the truth.

Strictly replied that after receiving a call from the mysterious man, he realized that the death of the second son was not easy, and the younger sister may have perjured himself to save himself. For these two points, he had to go undercover, but he did not expect This was actually a huge whirlpool. The mysterious man had no news, and he became addicted to drugs. Later, by chance, he saw the mysterious man. The mysterious man claimed to be a witness to the death of his two sons. Sun Jiayu died of a policeman. With the hand, rigorous and eager to know the identity of the real murderer, can only continue to fulfill the agreement with him.

Because Lao Cheng is the only person who knows his undercover identity, he is unconscious, and the mysterious person’s words are not true or false. Once all the facts are rushed out, it will inevitably cause a huge wave. I also accidentally bumped into Wang Li’s harassment of his sister, only to learn that everything about the perjury was planned by Yan Shen.

After weighing the trade-offs, he chose to personally pacify Wang Li. Strict knows that my sister has undertaken a lot for herself. She has been a stubborn person since she was a child. Even if she used that method to threaten Lao Cheng, she was unwilling to complain to herself. The procuratorate, Yan Shen calmly admitted to buying Zhang Guoqiang, everything was her own opinion, and her brother did not know it.

After returning to the homecoming years, Xiao Ou thought about everything in the past few days, sitting at the table, Feng Weixing looked at Xiao Ou in a trance, and asked about rigor, Xiao Ou annoyed and said that Zhao Tinghui claimed rigor in the past Made a false certificate. Feng Weixing could only relieve Xiaoou’s rigorousness and it would be safe.

In the police station, the public security organs received the call to report the case and sent out the police quickly. Sure enough, they found the bones, but they came for the reward, not the place the police station was looking for.

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