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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 29 Recap

Rigorously remembered in her mind that her brother was sentenced to life imprisonment on the day of the trial. In desperation, she found the wife of Zhang Guoqiang who was seriously ill, and bought her with money. Recalling this unbearable past, she drank a sip of red wine and filled her heart with mixed feelings. .

The next day, as the year passed by, Zhao Tinghui and Xiao Ou welcomed an uninvited guest. Zhao Tinghui and Xiaoou were extremely disgusted with this ex-boyfriend, but unexpectedly, Zhao Tinghui remained calm with his cold words and tasted coffee with a smile, just like an ordinary customer . Xiaoou finally couldn’t help but ask him why he was always staring at him recently.

Zhao Tinghui hinted that Xiaoou’s rigorous things did not fall out of the dust and that there were loopholes in the evidence. He just hoped her happiness, but he was surprised at Xiaoou’s trust in rigorousness. Although he could not disclose the details of the case due to work confidentiality, he still informed Xiaoou that rigorously was involved in the death of Zhan Yu, and that he was inseparable from Sun Jiayu six years ago.

Xiaoou is not a beloved person. Xiaoou feels very calm. She contemptuously said that Zhao Tinghui could not shake her rigorous feelings. For all future affairs of this fiancé, she will stay in the same boat, never leave, just talk. Leave coldly. All this was heard clearly by the rigor who had just arrived. He knew that Zhao Tinghui hadn’t given up on Xiaoou. He took out a wedding invitation and said that he wanted to invite the other party to have a wedding drink. Zhao Tinghui did not accept it. The showdown himself will find out all the truth.

Lao Cheng came to the place that was set by Yan Shen by appointment. Both sides knew that this meal was not a meal for an old friend who had nothing to do with their old friends. Strictly Yan Shen mentioned that they had missed it by mistake over the years. Now, even friends can’t do it. To Lao Cheng’s surprise, Yan Shen happily admitted that he used money to buy Zhang Guoqiang for false testimony, and cried bitterly. This was the only thing he had lost in these years.

After he was admitted to law school, , Determined to be a noble lawyer, after working in the industry, she also tried her best to help the disadvantaged groups, but she was also an ordinary person. For today’s meal, she also wanted to say goodbye to Lao Cheng. Lao Cheng looked at himself. Yan Shen, who also loved and friends in the past, felt distressed, took a sip of wine like a puff, and said that things were not impossible to turn around, and a bright color rose in Yan Shen’s eyes.

The next day, Lao Cheng woke up with a headache, and found that he was in a completely unfamiliar room with clothes all over the floor. Turning on the phone, it was the ambiguous “bed photo” Yan Shen sent him. Lao Cheng only felt The headache was unbearable and I was fooled for a while. He returned home in frustration. Out of guilt, he bought a bunch of flowers for his wife. He was surprised to find that Yan Shen was talking and laughing with his wife at home.

His heart was extremely confused and he asked Yan Shen what he wanted. Accidentally, Yan Shen threatened him to abandon the case six years ago. Old Cheng calmly stated that things were no longer under his control and that he would not be controlled by others because of the photos. He was in a trance and told him that nothing happened last night. Leave in a hurry.

Xiao Ou returned home and prepared a table of good dishes carefully. The two chatted about Zhao Tinghui while eating. Zhao Tinghui’s old love for Xiao Ou, and the rigorous pursuit of death, could not let the couple who are about to become a couple. Create any barriers between them.

In the office, the subordinates were reporting on work, but Yan Shen couldn’t listen to anything. At this time, she didn’t have any extra energy to focus on work. In the surprised eyes of the assistant, she announced a holiday. After sending everyone away, Yan Shen calmly waited for the expected people from the procuratorate in the office.

Yan Jing was busy in the hotel lobby, Lao Cheng came, and the two entered a private room. He took out his cell phone and showed Yan Jing the few photos. Yan Jing was shocked. At first he thought that his sister and Lao Cheng’s old relationship would rekindle, but Lao Cheng didn’t expect Lao Cheng. He directly shook out about Zhang Guoqiang and asked him whether he had killed Sun Jiayu.

The two were rigorously annoyed, and the two of them fought, and the staff did not dare to enter rashly. In the end, the rigorous was pushed on the ground by the perennial front-line criminal police and had to be softened and agreed to follow. He returned to the police team to cooperate with the investigation, and when he came out, he pretended to hide Feng Weixing from the dark, just to avoid the two people fighting, so that he did not need to worry.

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