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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 27 Recap

A year ago, rigorously and comfortably lay on the couch of the old Cheng’s family. After Lao Cheng returned, the two made fun of them and talked about Little Beauty. Old Cheng said that the drug trafficking incident of Little Beauty’s aquatic products company was tightly connected and there was no way to start. The concentration of the seized drugs was exactly the same as in the case five years ago. Strictly decided to go undercover with Little Beauty and avenge her two sons. Although Lao Cheng couldn’t bear it, he couldn’t be rigorous.

In the interrogation room, Huang Faxiang proudly said that it must be because of something six years ago, rigorous actively asked to be an undercover agent, because before rigorous went to Lao Cheng, he called him and threatened him with Zhang Guoqiang I went to undercover by the little beauty, and also went to the aquatic product company as a doorman. I accidentally discovered that the little beauty was rigorous and private. He threatened the little beauty to cooperate with him and avenge himself. Huang Faxiang looked at the old Cheng who was almost out of control. ,

Became more calm, saying that before the accident happened on the little beauty side, he had seen the strict side, and was surprised to find that the mysterious person was Huang Faxiang. During the conversation between the two, he found that strict was addicted to drugs. Huang Faxiang’s half-joking anti-narcotics operation was a success, and he was a great effort. Old Cheng only felt that the world was spinning, and all his knowledge of this good brother seemed to be false.

Yang Cheng and Zhao Tinghui have been working overtime for several days to handle the case. They only rely on coffee to continue their spirit. Zhao Tinghui is determined and must close the case before June. At this moment, he was surprised to look at the rubbish next to him. The handlers, ghosts and gods, followed the opponent through the narrow and dark blind passage to the underground garage. Zhao Tinghui suddenly heard the words of the court hearing that day.

Within 15 minutes, he passed the blind passage from the eighth floor to the underground garage… Zhao Tinghui got it from the property The door of the Zhidi library is opened every Monday, and his brain is turning very fast, and the line of the corpse transportation route is connected, so first of all, he must not be stunned and instruct Yang Cheng not to act rashly.

Lao Cheng sat on the bed with a complicated expression, and thought of Huang Faxiang’s words in his mind. Why did he have to be the undercover agent for Little Beauty this time? The phone rang, but he didn’t want to answer the phone. Zhao Tinghui returned to the police force and ordered his subordinates to check all the rigorous information from small to large. When he saw the results of Sun Jiayu’s injury, he was also lost in thought.

Lao Cheng woke up and found that Yan Jing was busy in the kitchen of his home. The other party said that he had heard his wife say that he was at home to make up for a sleep, so he came directly, and was so excited that he took out his collection of wine. Lao Cheng smiled and took out a bottle of white wine.

Zhao Tinghui looked through the rigorous transcripts of the past. Sun Jiayu broke up with his girlfriend Shen Wuyue in order to be an undercover policeman. Shen Wuyue was unbearable and became addicted to drugs and eventually passed away. However, because Shen Wuyue broke off with Sun Jiayu, Zhao Tinghui Slowly write the word “love to kill” on the paper.

Strictly vomiting bitterness at Lao Cheng, the photos were really cut and messed up. Lao Cheng looked at the rain outside the window and talked about the two sons. It was the same kind of rain when the second son had an accident. Old Cheng said calmly, the second son gave himself a dream He said that the real culprit was not Zhang Guoqiang, rigorously said that his state was not right, and then asked about the arrest of the drug maker, Lao Cheng only said that the drug maker has not been arrested, and it is very likely that he was from six years ago, and he witnessed the second son. The scene of the accident.

Here, Zhao Tinghui is still reading Zhang Guoqiang’s confession. The confession shows that Zhang Guoqiang said that he ran east, but he changed his words to the west at the court trial. Zhao Tinghui’s brain turned rapidly and immediately came to Yang Cheng’s desk and asked him to consult Zhang Guoqiang. Although Yang Cheng didn’t understand all the previous information, he still followed.

After washing, Xiaoou lay on the bed and flipped through the wedding photos in the phone, recalling Zhan Yu. At this moment, drunk rigorously returned, and told about Shen Wuyue. He and Shen Wuyue back then I fell in love with the mobile phone that Shen Wuyue lost. Later, my first love was with my best buddy…

Yang Cheng found out that Zhang Guoqiang suffered from cancer during his lifetime, and found that Zhang Guoqiang’s family was not impoverished because of the death of the pillar, but lived relatively prosperously. Zhao Tinghui asked Yang Cheng to check whether Zhang Guoqiang’s family had large bank remittances.

Xiao-Ou Yan is busy with the wedding, and he urges the wedding staff to leave two best places. Xiao-Ou knows who it is for. The two are going to Yan Shen, who is so busy. , Only Yan Jing went to Yan Shen’s place alone. At this moment Yan Shen was lying on the sofa to rest because of a cold. A woman wearing a hat and mask who couldn’t see her looks all the way to Yan Shen’s office. It turned out to be Zhang Guoqiang’s wife, Yan Shen. Shocked, the other party tried to blackmail her again with what happened five years ago.

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