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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 17 Recap

Sheriff Bai and others did not find Jiang Shuo in the compound courtyard. Jiang Shuo was actually hidden in the closet used for trickery. Who knew that the superintendent of Yuan Dynasty wanted to take away the people in the compound compound courtyard. Sheriff Bai persuaded him to go. He stayed in the courtyard and said to help find Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo watched Yuan Muqing’s people leave, and he was anxious for Yuan Muqing, and wanted to go to Yuan Mansion to find Miss Yuan Da, but everyone finally rescued him, Qin Yiheng quickly held him down and went to Yuan Mansion to see Yuan Mu on behalf of Jiang Shuo. green. Yuan Muqing was worried about Jiang Shuo at first, but at the same time she was angry that Jiang Shuo would not come to visit her. After hearing Qin Yiheng’s arrival, she finally smiled.

After Qin Yiheng and Yuan Muqing exchanged information, they were about to leave Yuan Mansion, but they heard a little police officer said that his brother recognized the unknown corpse home and held a funeral for his missing father. Qin Yiheng couldn’t believe him. His father is dead, but his brother has already determined the death of his long-missing father based on the clothes of the corpse and the chopped fingers. This made Qin Yiheng start to doubt his cognition. At this time, the brother-in-law of the Governor of the Yuan Dynasty was speaking for the Japanese. He wanted to cooperate with the Governor of the Yuan Dynasty and asked for the dock in his hand. This made the Governor of the Yuan Dynasty very angry.

Jiang Shuo took advantage of the chaos and escaped from the compound. The people in the compound performed acrobatics to the people as usual. The people applauded again and again, and the compound finally made a lot of money. Jiang Shuo also mixed into the performing team with the mask of the silent master and returned. In the courtyard, after the performance, they gathered together and suddenly found that Koizumi was nowhere to be seen. Everyone went out to look for it.

However, Koizumi appeared in front of Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng. Six fingers used Koizumi, who had lost the order, to send a message to Jiang Shuo, asking him to follow his instructions to complete the game, otherwise the people around him would suffer from Shanghai, but he did not answer Qin Yiheng’s Question, Qin Yiheng never wanted to believe that his father was dead. But no one of them can be sure now, so Jiang Shuo can only quickly investigate Liuzhi’s next plan.

Not to mention that the master helped Jiang Shuo go to the hotel to investigate, Jiang Shuo made a living. He couldn’t enter the territory of the Yuanda Governor, but if he was not Jiang Shuo, the situation would be completely different. On the other side, sheriff Bai was being responsibilities of the Yuanda governor. Because he was partial to Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng, he had not been arrested, so that the Yuanda governor began to question his ability. At this moment, Qin Yiheng suddenly walked in like a meteor. He applied for the establishment of a special operation team to capture Liuzhi, hoping to restore Jiang Shuo’s innocence. Hearing his pledge, the Governor of Yuan Dynasty felt a little loose.

Soon Qin Yiheng rushed into the compound with police officers, and wanted to arrest Jiang Shuo indiscriminately. Everyone was confused by his behavior, and he could only watch him leave after searching around to no avail. And Jiang Shuo appeared in front of them. This time Jiang Shuo knew that Qin Yiheng must have done this deliberately, but Qin Yiheng did not leave him a message. He was also at a loss. He didn’t know what Qin Yiheng wanted to do. The news that Mu Qing was going to marry Zhang Gongzi made Jiang Shuo a mess.

Jiang Shuo found an invitation card on Qin Yiheng’s desk. It was an invitation to Yuan Mansion. So he made a plan and went to Yuan Mansion to try his luck. Just when Yuan Mansion sent a driver to pick up Master Zhang, Jiang Shuo tied him up. He went to the Yuanfu driver and changed his face to pick Zhang Gongzi to Yuanfu.

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