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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 23 Recap

Zhang Liqian carried out the big battle to transform Shao Zi. Zhang Liqian expected Shao Yufang to be a competent secretary. In addition to remembering the secretary’s handbook, he also asked to wear a neat suit and high heels. When he appeared, Xia Xia and others were dumbfounded. Xia Xiaqin cared about Zhao Zimo. Seeing that Zhao Zimo was indifferent, she swallowed back her confession abruptly. What Xia Qin didn’t know was that Zhao Zimo couldn’t forget the red thread in her and Zhang Zhenyu’s hands. Zhang Qihong finally saw his long-missing son Zhang Liqian.

After a long time, Zhang Qihong raised all kinds of questions, and Zhang Liqian could only follow his father’s instructions carefully. Zhang Qihong gave an order to Shao Zi. Unexpectedly, Shao Zi, who didn’t follow the card, declared that he was only Zhang Liqian’s secretary! ? Upon seeing this, Zhang Qihong reminded Zhang Liqian to fulfill his marriage contract and don’t forget his identity. Zhang Qizheng, who had been missing for many years, appeared in a dark alley in Lingxiao Village, waiting to meet his son Zhang Zhenyu.

Zhang Qizheng and Zhang Zhenyu and his son recounted the past and conspired with a “big plan.” The Zhang Group is actively rectifying, and Zhao Zimo still reminds Xia Qin that cooperation with the Zhang Group should not be loosened. Zhang Liqian and Shao Yufang went to inspect the old street. When the villagers saw the change in Shao Yufang’s appearance, they were very surprised.

Zhang Liqian seriously talked about the old street reconstruction plan, and Shao Yufang couldn’t help but think of the past. On the way to Lingxiao Village, Xiaqin and Zhao Zimo were chatting together, Zhao Zimo accidentally surprised a woman who looked like a plague god! Is that woman Sophia, the plague god?

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