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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 22 Recap

The Zhang Group wants to cooperate with Lingxiao Hotel to transform the old street. In addition to wanting to be the chairman of Laojie himself, Zhang Liqian also asked Xia Qin to be the deputy chairman. Zhang Zhenyu persuaded Xiaqin to take advantage of the situation and pursue the victory and create a win-win situation under the pressure of the group. Zhao Zimo felt that Zhang Liqian’s concession was problematic and could not be compromised.

Facing the Zhang Group’s first expression of goodwill, Xiaqin was very excited about Zhang Liqian’s invitation, but Zhao Zimo insisted on watching the changes first. Zhang Zhenyu privately tried to test why Zhang Liqian suddenly changed his approach. Zhang Liqian reprimanded Zhang Zhenyu for not asking too much. Zhang Zhenyu quickly expressed his loyalty to the Zhang Group. Zhao Zimo and Xiaqin started arguing because of their different opinions, and the atmosphere was even a little awkward.

Shancai and bluffing gods upon seeing this, advised Zhao Zimo to be polite and a gentleman to be polite to women, so Zhao Zimo took the initiative to invite Xia Qin to eat supper, and used magic to bring the hot snacks directly to Xia Qin. Xia Qin was surprised to help Zhao Zimo’s efficiency “different from ordinary people.” Although she was a little skeptical, she was often persuaded. Xia Xiaqin asked about Zhao Zimo’s fiancee, and the atmosphere of the two finally eased slightly. The progress of Lianlian Sweet Tea Room continues to make progress. Deng Wenlin asked the hotel staff to evaluate the various desserts developed. Xia Xia Qin and the staff are full of praise and can’t stop eating. Xia Xia Qin is confident in the revenue that Lian Lian Sweet Tea Room can bring. .

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