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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 21 Recap

A Niu (Zhang Liqian) searched for information on the Internet. After comparison, he found that he looked too much like the picture of “Zhang Liqian” on the screen. He was happy to share it with Shao Yufang. Shao Yufang was determined to tell A Niu the facts. “Niu Yunlong is Zhang Liqian.” When these words were uttered from Shao Zi, Aniu was emotional and would not believe it. Unexpectedly, Xu Tianai was accused of concealing Zhang Liqian’s amnesia and was the first to call the police.

Shao Zi patiently explained and comforted Ah Niu, but Ah Niu was so sad that he couldn’t accept the facts and burst into tears. Zhao Zimo, the abolished god of wealth, is familiar with the cause and consequences of this incident. Accompanied by Shancai and Bluffing God, he cast a spell to restore Zhang Liqian’s memory. Zhang Liqian officially returns! Although Shao Zi is still immersed in sadness, he has realized that the person in front of him is not the likable “Aniu”, but the extremely disgusting “demolition mania”.

Facing the demise of Aniu, Shao Yufang felt helpless; everyone in the Shao family, who learned that Zhang Liqian had recovered his memory, felt even more complicated. After receiving Zhang Liqian’s instructions, Zhang Zhenyu returned to the room and immediately destroyed Zhang Liqian’s mobile phone, and simultaneously persuaded Xu Tianai to retreat and leave the hotel to welcome him.

Shao Yufang was depressed because of Zhang Liqian’s affairs, until Zhang Liqian called! “I am A Niu.” Zhang Liqian on the phone played Shao Zi, and asked Shao Zi to honor the second thing he owed him before-abandon the election of the old street chairman, otherwise he would sue Shao. Shao Yufang’s unbelievable and sad mood disappeared.

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