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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 23 Recap

Shen Shijun wanted to choose the life he wanted. Shi Jingxuan made him unable to choose. The reason why he chose Shen Shijun as his son-in-law was to make up for Shi Cuizhi, saying that Shen Shijun was more kind, and Shen Shijun was frightened.

Shi Jingxuan did not allow Shen Shijun to take a half step out of the Shi family. Shen Shijun went to see Shi Cuizhi for ventilation. Shi Cuizhi didn’t want to be trapped here. Shen Shijun was frightened, thinking that he didn’t dare to do it right with Shi Jingxuan. He considered too much. Shi Cuizhi deliberately yelled at Shen Shijun in front of Shi Jingxuan before letting him walk out of the gate of the Shi family.

When Shen Shijun came out, she went to Gu Manzhen. Grandma didn’t know how good Shen Shijun was, but she liked it very much. Shen Shijun hugged Gu Manzhen, and Gu Manzhen said he would think wildly, worrying that Shen Shijun would be trapped in the Shi family. Shen Shijun wanted to buy a big ring for Gu Manzhen in the future, but Gu Manzhen didn’t want it, indicating that he was a fool.

The Asian American Silk Weaving Factory wanted to resign Xu Shuhui. It was actually Shi Jingxuan’s intention. Director Ma had no choice. He tried his best to ask his superiors, stating that someone deliberately did not want Xu Shuhui to live a good life and expelled him on the grounds that he was always absent from work. Xu Shuhui understood that Shi Jingxuan had known about herself and Shi Cuizhi. Shi Cuizhi was kept at home by Shi Jingxuan. She secretly called the Yamei Silk Factory, but was told that Xu Shuhui was not working here.

Shen Shijun took Gu Manzhen and said that he would never let her down. He asked Gu Manzhen to give her time and waited for him to take care of the Shijia affairs before leaving Shanghai and going wherever he wanted. Originally, the two of them were going to watch a movie, but Gu Manzhen forgot to finish the manuscript and had to watch it with Shen Shijun.

Mother didn’t want to leave Shanghai, she thought that Gu Manlu didn’t want to leave either, and persuaded Gu Manzhen to give up on Shen Shijun. Gu Manlu didn’t worry about Shen Shijun at all, she was most worried about Zhu Hongcai. Zhu Hongcai always followed Gu Manzhen’s ideas, and Gu Manlu said that unless she died, Gu Manzhen could not be allowed to marry Zhu Hongcai, this little guy.

Gu Manzhen came to the Asian American Silk Weaving Factory to send the manuscript, but learned that Xu Shuhui had been fired from the factory. Shen Shijun knew that Xu Shuhui was sick, so he came to see him and asked him to give up Shi Cuizhi. The love between the two was over. Xu Shuhui gave up on herself, saying that she could no longer tolerate others in her heart, although Shi Cuizhi had given up on herself. Shen Shijun saw it through. He saw the other side of Shi Cuizhi. Shi Cuizhi chose Shi Jingxuan to protect Xu Shuhui.

Shi Cuizhi said that she loved Xu Shuhui, but she gave up first, she hated herself. Shi Jingxuan asked her to contact other men more, but Shi Cuizhi also vowed that if Shi Jingxuan dared to hurt Xu Shuhui a piece of hair, she would die in love.

Shi Jingxuan asked Shen Shijun to find a way to make Shi Cuizhi forget Xu Shuhui, and could not negotiate terms. Shen Shijun gave Xu Shuhui a ferry ticket to let him go for a walk, but he could not leave. Xu Shuhui said that if you want to be with Gu Manzhen, you must go all out to do things. Shen Shijun promised that he would give Gu Manzhen happiness anyway. Shen Shijun asked Xu Shuhui to hand the letter to Shi Cuizhi, a real farewell.

Gu Manzhen went to Shi Cuizhi, so that she could not use Shen Shijun as the last straw. Shi Cuizhi deliberately acted and said a lot of hurtful things. Gu Manzhen thought she was not worthy of feelings, but she did not expect Shi Cuizhi had been under surveillance. Gu Manzhen began to understand her, wanted to give her a chance, and also wanted to see if there was a miracle, they exchanged clothes.

Shi Cuizhi went out to see Xu Shuhui. Zhu Hongcai knew that there was a problem, so he knocked on the door, and Gu Manzhen was frightened and at a loss.

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