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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 22 Recap

Gu Manlu planned to return to Lu’an. She didn’t want Gu Manzhen to be injured. She decided to sell the house in Shanghai. Gu Manzhen was surprised. Shi Cuizhi was nervous, Shen Shijun took her out to see Xu Shuhui while Shi Jingxuan was away, and asked her to make it clear to Xu Shuhui that Xu Shuhui would not be harmed because of her only by letting go. Shi Cuizhi plucked up the courage to come to Xu Shuhui’s house, but went empty.

Gu Manzhen cared about Xu Shuhui, so he chose to face Shi Cuizhi calmly. On their way home, they saw Shi Cuizhi hugging Shen Shijun, and Gu Manzhen was emotional. Xu Shuhui knew that he was a commoner, he could not take Shi Cuizhi away at all, he was not an ideal person, and he could not lead Shi Cuizhi away. He said that it’s not right to be improper, and it’s not suitable to talk about relationships. Gu Man despised Xu Shuhui for doing this and left angrily. Unexpectedly, when Gu Manzhen left, Zhu Hongcai would take someone to beat Xu Shuhui.

Shi Jingxuan insisted on letting Shi Cuizhi and Shen Shijun get married. Shi Cuizhi strongly opposed, believing that Shi Jingxuan had not listened to her request to divorce and let herself marry someone she didn’t love. Shi Jingxuan said that marriage is not a matter for one person, for Shi’s two families, and they are golden boys and girls, they should be together.

Shi Cuizhi couldn’t bear it, smashed his father, told Shi Jingxuan about the maintenance of dancing girls in Shanghai, and touched his bottom line, saying that he would never have a son because of too much crime. Shi Jingxuan was particularly angry when he heard that, and slapped her, forcibly leading someone to close Shi Cuizhi. Shen Shijun also confronted Shi Jingxuan, saying that he would never marry her. Shi Jingxuan also spoke, there is nothing he can’t do.

Gu Manzhen told her mother not to always take money from Gu Manlu, and her mother was also very worried. She didn’t know what Gu Manlu was thinking. His mother wanted to drink, and Gu Manzhen bought a good wine to honor her. His mother asked Gu Manzhen to persuade Gu Manlu. His mother didn’t want to return to Lu’an or be a countryman.

Gu Manlu plans to return to Lu’an, and Gu Manzhen supports Gu Manlu’s ideas. His mother disagreed, and hoped that Gu Manzhen would not stand by Gu Manlu’s side, thinking that Gu Manlu had a stubborn temper, and if he bears his temper, he can marry in the future. My mother liked the life in Shanghai, saying it was for the sake of the two sisters, but in fact, she herself had too much vanity.

Gu Manzhen returned the bracelet to Gu Manlu, coaxing her to express that she had a job and salary and could support her family. Everyone sat eating together, and his mother was very happy and drank a few sips of old wine. Gu Manzhen said that it was poor and happy. His mother had to prepare a dowry for Gu Manzhen, and Gu Manlu said to his face that he would return to Lu’an and find some land to do business. My mother didn’t want to go back.

Gu Manzhen said that he would stay in Shanghai first, and there were many job opportunities. Gu Manlu spoke horribly. She knew that Shen Shijun could not get out of the house. She reminded Gu Manzhen that Shen Shijun could not be with her, so she awoke. Gu Manzhen was unwilling to give up, she only had love in her heart, and she was willing to forget herself for Shen Shijun. Gu Manlu was very angry and resolutely disagreed with the future relationship between Gu Manzhen and Shen Shijun.

Zhu Hongcai suggested that Shen Shijun should be in contact with Shi Cuizhi, so as to promote the relationship between the two. Shi Jingxuan knew that he told Zhu Hong to let Xu Shuhui go. Shen Shijun persuaded Shi Cuizhi to return to Nanjing, but he himself was unwilling to return. The two talked all night, feeling pity for the same illness. Shi Cuizhi thought Shen Shijun would be a good husband in the future, but she would not like him.

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