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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 21 Recap

When Gu Manzhen came to Xu Shuhui’s house, he saw Xu Shuhui’s depression and bought him a snack. Xu Shuhui knew that Shen Shijun was very worried about him, and he did not expect that Gu Manzhen would buy him food. Gu Manzhen asked him if he loved Shi Cuizhi. Xu Shuhui said that the things he couldn’t get were good, but he was tired and was about to give up. He thought about it all night and waited for what he couldn’t grasp. Gu Manzhen said Xu Shuhui did not believe in love and encouraged him to manage and work hard. Gu Manzhen and Xu Shuhui talked a lot, and the two had the same illness, but Gu Manzhen refused to admit their fate. Xu Shuhui said that Shi Cuizhi had already chosen Shi Jingxuan.

Shen Shijun wanted Xu Shuhui to give up, and deliberately said a lot of awkward things. Xu Shuhui was even more unhappy when he heard it. He thought that Shen Shijun didn’t understand him, and he liked Shi Cuizhi only because of her innocence. Gu Manzhen stopped Shen Shijun and told him not to make Xu Shuhui angry. She understood Xu Shuhui’s pain well. Shen Shijun was afraid that Gu Manzhen would fall like Xu Shuhui.

Shi Cuizhi had a nightmare, dreaming that Shi Jingxuan was dead, she was sweating profusely. Shi Jingxuan ran to her and asked who she really liked. If she liked Xu Shuhui, she wouldn’t be willing to go home. If she liked Shen Shijun, she wouldn’t be willing to slap her. Shi Jingxuan affirmed that Xu Shuhui is not worthy of her love. On the contrary, people like Shen Shijun, although they don’t understand taste, are very suitable for her. Shi Cuizhi shouted, not wanting to marry anyone.

Shi Jingxuan was worried that Shi Cuizhi would be broken, Zhu Hongcai suggested that Shen Shijun accompany Shi Cuizhi for a walk, and he must tie the bell to untie the bell. Shen Shijun said that he had many shortcomings, and he could not speak to make Xu Shuhui angry. Zhu Hongcai approached Shi Jingxuan and asked him to go there quickly. Zhu Hongcai deliberately said about Shen Shijun’s beating Shi Cuizhi.

Gu Manlu was very angry. Every time Gu Manzhen was out of her mind, she told her to go out and live with Shen Shijun. Gu Manlu asked Gu Manzhen to think clearly that Shen Shijun was the person who had decided to be a relative. If Gu Manzhen was too active, he would easily be wronged. Gu Manlu said that he had seen many of these, such as those rich disciples in Paramount. Gu Manzhen didn’t want to hear Gu Manlu say this, and said in a rage that he was not a dancer. Gu Manlu felt cold and said that he was not worthy of happiness because of the loss of the dancer. Gu Manzhen knew that she had said something wrong, and she apologized to Gu Manlu.

Shen Shijun came to comfort Shi Cuizhi, the two had been childhood sweethearts, and Mrs. Shen often fought with Shi’s family, which made Shen Shijun particularly uncomfortable. Shen Shijun wanted to calm down and talk to Shi Cuizhi, Shi Cuizhi resisted and didn’t want to be Shen Shijun’s sister. Shen Shijun said that he would not treat her as a woman because she knew each other too well. Shi Jingxuan deliberately fell and asked Shen Shijun to stay for lodging.

Zhu Hongcai warned Shen Shijun and asked him to think about the importance of money. Zhu Hongcai went to the house to find Gu Manzhen. Gu Manzhen didn’t want to pay attention to him. Zhu Hongcai told Gu Manlu about Shen Shijun’s stay in Shijia on purpose. Gu Manzhen met with Shi Cuizhi and said that she believed in Shen Shijun. She accused Shi Cuizhi of not knowing how to express her love and tortured Xu Shuhui. The two had a dispute, Shi Cuizhi hated others robbing her.

After Gu Manlu knew about it, she persuaded Gu Manzhen, she didn’t want Gu Manzhen to be angry with Shen Shijun, too much gossip outside, worried that Gu Manzhen would suffer in the future. But Gu Manzhen still strengthened his heart, believed in himself, and also believed in Shen Shijun.

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