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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 20 Recap

Zhu Hongcai ran to Gu’s house and bought a lot of supplements for Gu Manzhen. Gu Manzhen took it and gave it to the nursing home. She knew that she was kicked by Zhu Hongcai when she fell into the water. Xu Shuhui went to see Shi Jingxuan alone, Shi Jingxuan deliberately said a lot of ugly things, and the whole atmosphere was very tense.

Shi Cuizhi couldn’t find Xu Shuhui and ran to Gu’s house to find Gu Manzhen, but Gu Manzhen was not there. Mother Gu saw that Shi Cuizhi belonged to a large family and liked the fur on her body. When Gu Manzhen came back, Shi Cuizhi said that she had no place to live because Shen Shijun was arresting her and returning to Shi’s house. Gu Manzhen was very angry, thinking that she really was the eldest lady, regardless of the lives and deaths of others, but only for her own happiness. Gu Manzhen accused Shi Cuizhi and hoped that she would go home quickly, otherwise Xu Shuhui would be hurt, but Shi Cuizhi did not think so.

Gu Manzhen helped Shi Cuizhi buy food. Shi Cuizhi fell in love with one of Gu Manzhen’s clothes. Gu Manlu deliberately gave Shi Cuizhi another dress. Shi Cuizhi liked it very much, saying that Gu Manlu’s clothes were very good-looking, not as ordinary as Gu Manzhen’s clothes. Gu Manlu also deliberately mentioned Shi Jingxuan and told Shi Cuizhi about Shi Jingxuan’s affairs with her, as well as the children’s affairs. Shi Cuizhi was very scared when she heard that, her father’s image in her mind was suddenly shattered.

Shi Cuizhi ran out, saying that she was dirty, and Xu Shuhui happened to come and see it. Xu Shuhui has been with her. Shi Cuizhi said that she would cook breakfast for Xu Shuhui in the future. Xu Shuhui was surprised and thought that a lady like Shi Cuizhi could not cook. Shi Cuizhi hugged Xu Shuhui, otherwise he would talk, but would kiss him. Shi Cuizhi understands Xu Shuhui a little bit, she is very disappointed with Shi Jingxuan now, she sees these things for the first time.

Xu Shuhui persuaded her to go home. Shi Cuizhi was unwilling. She thought her perfect father had disappeared. Xu Shuhui gave Shi Cuizhi the movie ticket stubs he had seen, and Shi Cuizhi wanted to save every movie ticket he saw in the future. Xu Shuhui was not sure whether the two had a future, and the two spent the night on the bridge.

During the day, Shi Jingxuan sent someone to pick up Shi Cuizhi. Shi Cuizhi returned home and ate a lot. Shi Cuizhi asked Shi Jingxuan why she didn’t let herself come to Shanghai. Shi Jingxuan said that everything was for her good. Shi Cuizhi talked back to Shi Jingxuan. She vented her anger, thinking that Shi Jingxuan liked her son, otherwise she would not let herself wear men’s clothes since she was a child. She knew the mess of Shi Jingxuan’s things outside, and she was disappointed in her heart.

Xu Shuhui did not have time to give Shi Cuizhi the breakfast he bought, and when he returned home, he met a neighbor dancing girl. Shen Shijun saw it and thought Xu Shuhui was willing to fall. He was very excited and impulsively went up to beat Xu Shuhui. For the first time he saw Xu Shuhui so irrational and thought that these faults came from Shi Cuizhi.

Gu Manzhen advised Shen Shijun that seeing is not necessarily true. Shen Shijun is not optimistic about Shi Cuizhi and Xu Shuhui at all. He complains to Gu Manzhen. Xu Shuhui has never met a woman like Shi Cuizhi. Shen Shijun is worried that Xu Shuhui loves the wrong person, and thinks that love for people is meaningful. Gu Manzhen comforted Shen Shijun.

In fact, they all hope Xu Shuhui will be happy, as long as the two of them work hard to pursue each other’s happiness, which can be their own. Shen Shijun was very fortunate that it was Gu Manzhen he met, and the two understood each other.

Shi Cuizhi hugged Shen Shijun. She felt that she did not have Shi Jingxuan and Xu Shuhui. She grabbed the only Shen Shijun and hoped that Shen Shijun could take her back to Nanjing. Shen Shijun refused, Shi Cuizhi said viciously, and angered Shen Shijun and slapped her.

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