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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 24 Recap

The old Cheng family had a great time playing with Hao Hao. Zhou Shuang said with a smile that children who bought such an expensive game console would be spoiled. It can be seen that Xi was very fond of this godson. At night, after putting the child to sleep, Lao Cheng came back. He learned from Lao Cheng that Liu Wei had escaped during the police arrest. The grenade thrown out caused death and injury to the police. Lao Cheng was seeing parents of the martyred worker Xiao Hu and his pregnant wife couldn’t bear it.

They immediately sighed that Liu Wei’s heart disease did not know when he would fall into his own hands. Captain Wu had spent ten years catching Deng Kun. Now Lao Cheng finally understands Lao Wu’s incapability Facing Lao Cheng, rigorousness can only comfort a few words, there is no other way.

On the side of the highway, a man dressed in plain clothes and a straw hat waved to a tricycle and sat on it. This person was Liu Wei on the way to escape.

Strictly propped his face with his hands and looked at the beautiful girlfriend in front of him, feeling infinitely emotional, Xiao Ou reminded her boyfriend that Ji’s mother was opposed to marriage, and the rigorous rigor in the police world at this moment has committed difficulties to her mother-in-law, but Xiao Ou is confident Show that knows how to deal with mother. She took Ji Mu to a spa, and she was certain that her mother would be satisfied, so she saw a needle and said that she wanted to send a card to her mother. Ji Mu readily agreed.

Then the two went to the mall, went to eat, and talked about their mother-daughter love, but how could Ji Mu not know what the daughter was thinking, she sighed, and expressed her dissatisfaction with rigor, Xiaoou said that rigor was already Leaving the police status, they are now just businessmen. The two have a very stable relationship. I hope my mother can accept the rigor. Ji’s mother loves her daughter and finally let go of agreeing to meet the rigorous side.

Rigorous drove Xiaoou to visit his mother-in-law. Between talking and laughing, Rigorous saw a familiar car in the rearview mirror. He was suspicious. After arriving at home, Rigorous changed his usual idiotic style and sat nervously. There. When Xiaoou saw his mother serving his boyfriend with a table of vegetables, Xiao Ou complained about his mother. He rigorously saw the situation and hurriedly pulled the person to sit there. Seeing that the vegetables were not enough, he had an idea. This was a great time for him to show his cooking skills.

After the dishes were served, even Ji’s mother, who had always been cold-faced, couldn’t help but praise, rigorously stating that his cooking skills were all tempered in his childhood and in the army. If you need to eat, he is on call. Ji The mother laughed and said that if she was in good health, she could help herself to clean the balcony, and she rigorously agreed.

Rigorously thought about buying Jimu with massage chairs and fruits from Sanya, and Jimu has passed the test of these few days and can see that rigor is a man who can rely on. Rigorous was happy, and urged his girlfriend to make arrangements quickly, saying that he had already made a big talk with others, and it would be done in three days. Xiaoou was worried, the fortress was too hard, and the revolution had not yet succeeded.

Xiaoou heard the rigorous ghost idea and went home with a smirk. Ji Mu got goosebumps all over her body when she looked at her daughter who had been in love. Coincidentally, Rigor received a mysterious call, it was Liu Wei. He came back. The two agreed to meet at aquatic products company. Liu Wei threatened Rigor with his family, and Rigor immediately called Lao Cheng and told him that it was a good move. Opportunity, Lao Cheng thought about it a bit and notified Zhao Tinghui.

Strict has arrived at the agreed place and didn’t want to receive a call from Xiaoou. Xiaoou excitedly told him that Ji Mu Songguchi agreed to let him come to eat at home. Strict regrets infinitely, but the case is important, so he can only rebuff Xiaoou. After hanging up the phone, he entered a room, which had obviously been idle for a long time. Suspicious, he called Zhao Tinghui and Lao Cheng. He suddenly felt cold and remembered the familiar car in the rearview mirror that day.

Then he realized that Liu Wei’s goal was Xiaoou. He immediately left the fishery company and drove to Xiaoou. Home, the old Cheng Zhao Tinghui knew the seriousness of the matter and drove there immediately. Ji Mu was furious when he learned that Xi Jin did not come to eat because of work. Xiaoou followed to persuade him a few words. However, Xi met Liu Wei in the elevator of Xiaooujia community. The black hole of the other party pointed his gun on his head. He was caught by Liu. Wei was held hostage to the rooftop.

At this time, Zhao Tinghui and Lao Cheng also rushed downstairs to Xiaoou and called Yan Jing, but Liu Wei answered the call. He greeted Lao Cheng in a weird way and invited him to the balcony to talk about the past. Lao Cheng made a decisive decision and asked the special police. With personnel support, Xiaoou at home happened to see the news that the little beauty was shot. Soon, Deputy Director Lin rushed to the scene, Lao Cheng went up to the rooftop, and Zhao Tinghui followed up and hid at the top of the rooftop. Special security was placed nearby.

Old Cheng immediately reported the situation on the rooftop to Deputy Director Lin. He calmly negotiated with Liu Wei. The sniper was already in place, but Liu Wei had a strong anti-reconnaissance ability, and the sniper could not aim at Liu Wei. Ji Mu is still complaining about being rigorous and not punctual, but she doesn’t know that the rooftop above her head is already at a critical point. Liu Wei planted a time bomb on the rooftop. Lao Cheng informed Deputy Captain Lin of the rooftop situation through the walkie-talkie, and Zhao Tinghui also went upstairs. He rushed down to inform the Ji family to leave immediately.

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