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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 23 Recap

Yan Shen hurriedly came to the hospital and handed the rigorous past medical records to Director Ji. Then he called to inform Lao Cheng that the trip to Lichuan might be postponed. As soon as the voice fell, the doctors and nurses rushed to take the film with the rigorous on the bed. Follow the anxious Ji Xiaoou. At this time, it was almost half past four in the afternoon.

Strictly watched Ji Xiaoou, and told her brother asked her to relieve Ji Xiaoou, and then told Ji Xiaoou about the miraculous recovery after suffering a serious back injury due to strict tasks. He did not expect the doctor to tell the second after leaving the operating room. Human, rigorous injury to the central nervous system, Xiaoou, who had just relaxed a little, fell again.

Strict lying on the hospital bed with a heavy complexion, her friend rushed to persuade her a few words, but she also understood that it would not help, Fangnia quickly found an excuse to go with the others, leaving Strict Ji Xiaoou and two alone. In order to alleviate the atmosphere, Ji Xiaoou suggested to watch a movie to pass the time, and let her go home after being rigorous and discouraged.

Ji Xiaoou stubbornly said that he would stay and be responsible for him to the end. He also said that he had always loved each other, and was slightly surprised. , But he still tried to conceal his strangeness and coldly told her that the two were not suitable for being together. Although Xiaoou felt lost, he still chose to stay with him.

Cheng Ruimin, Feng Weixing, and Fang Niya outside the hospital were talking and laughing. It turned out that the serious injury was not a big deal, but he wanted to prank Xiaoou to scare Xiaoou.

Xiaoou cooked red date chicken soup while listening to Ji’s mother telling her why her daughter didn’t break up. He was still asking her husband why a single kick had such a serious consequence. Ji’s father only gave it a few words.

In the hospital ward, he rigorously got out of bed for two days to move his muscles and bones. He carefully ridiculed him for harming others and himself, saying that if he can no longer hold the beauties this time, both parents will suffer. Moreover, Ji Xiaoou’s father was willing to help himself deceive Xiaoou. Between talking and laughing, he suddenly heard someone push the door. The rigor had no time to lie down and pretend to be sick.

He had no choice but to become wise, so he sat on the hospital bed. Xiaoou saw He recovered so quickly, surprised and delighted, and then he was busy with Yanshendao’s office. He was too busy to take care of him alone, but he couldn’t ask for it carefully, and immediately fled the scene. Xiaoou was so gentle and rigorous that he shouldn’t be in a hurry, and when the situation allowed him to take him out for relaxation, rigorously asked to go to Lichuan on the occasion, Xiaoou fully agreed.

After experiencing this turmoil, Ji Xiaoou has determined that rigor is his love in this life, so he and Fangnia Feng Weixing proposed that they want the two to help, and they want to be careful in their marriage. Nya was surprised and almost talked about the rigorous trip to Lichuan Leak, after listening to Xiaoou’s plan, Niya fully agreed and said that she would wrap her.

Later, Feng Weixing called and told Rigor about the matter, and Rigor was dumbfounded.

At the Lichuan Hotel, both of them were secretly contacting their friends for their own little secrets, and they were so rigorous that they almost exposed their ADHD personality, but fortunately they concealed them properly. Ji Xiaoou, dressed in bright clothes, was enjoying the food in Lichuan, watching the sunset and feeling the local customs. As night fell, Ji Xiaoou and Strict ate dinner on the hotel terrace, reminiscing about the first acquaintances and the bits and pieces of the past year. Xiaoou once again firmly stated that she would accompany her for life.

After three glasses of wine, she went to the hotel and arranged in advance. In front of a good microphone, I sang a song “I Do” affectionately, and stepped off the stage, slowly pushing the strict wheelchair, feeling the warmth of this moment, unexpectedly did not notice the steps, the wheelchair almost fell to the ground, The rigorous instinctive reaction stood up, and Xiao Ou left the scene angrily when he saw that he had been cheated.

Xiaoou got into the taxi and contacted Niya. She didn’t expect the other party to say that she had gone to another bar with the same name in the wrong place. Xiaoou was also taken to a place she didn’t know by a driver who seemed to be unkind. After getting off the bus, he found that this place was actually a marriage proposal that was prepared strictly for himself.

The lights, flowers, fireworks, and dozens of friends were all here. Not far away, there was the rigorous suit and leather shoes. He slowly approached Xiaoou. , Looked at her affectionately, teased her about the twists and turns of this marriage proposal ceremony, and knelt down on one knee and raised her ring affectionately, Xiaoou agreed in tears.

The marriage proposal was successful. The two left Lichuan, rigorously sending Xiaoou home, reluctant to kiss goodbye. After learning the truth, Ji’s mother became furious, minding her rigorous identity and drug experience, and expressed her firm opposition to her daughter marrying him. Although Ji’s father tried his best to persuade him, it had no effect, and he broke up.

With a deep expression on his face, Zhao Tinghui reported the work progress to the Bureau of Li by telephone, saying that Liu Wei has not been arrested yet and his work will focus on the tools of the crime and the scene of the exhumation. Then I sat down and discussed rigorous matters with Yang Cheng. On Yangcheng Road, he had carefully investigated the rigorous enemy, and no one met the characteristics of the murderer in the dismemberment case, so the main suspect was still Liu Wei.

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