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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 22 Recap

Rigor and Ji Xiaoou are training every day. At the end of the day, Ji Xiaoou took a rigorous photo album and saw many strange faces asking him who he was. Rigorous told everyone to Ji Xiaoou, she wanted to know if Rigor had been there before. My girlfriend, I didn’t expect to find a rival in those photos.

Ji Xiaoou blamed Strict. He deliberately approached her in order to get rid of the Little Beauty Group. In fact, he was using himself to approach Zhan Yu. Strict did not deny it, but said that he had always liked Ji Xiaoou. At this time, a scene of playing the violin appeared on TV. Strict. Knowing that Ji Xiaoou must have thought of Zhan Yu, he asked Ji Xiaoou to go to Zhan Yu’s cemetery to see Zhan Yu.

The two went to the cemetery to apologize strictly to Zhan Yu’s tombstone. If he believed in Zhan Yu on New Year’s Eve, maybe Zhan Yu would not die if he gave him a chance. If at that time, they knew Zhan Yu and the people who lived at the bottom. , Rigorousness may give Zhan Yu a chance, but it is too late for one, and they can only hope that Zhan Yu’s case will find the culprit sooner.

Yan Jing and Ji Xiaoou arrived at the tomb of his comrade-in-arms second son again. The tombstone only had a few simple words written on it, just for fear of being retaliated by drug dealers. Ji Xiaoou asked Yan if he could tell her the story of their three brothers?

Strictly tell Ji Xiaoou that he has been a man who loves to be the boss since he was a child, and his comrades all call him brothers and sisters. Only the second son, Sun Jiayu, has a sense of distance from him. Later, he learned that he is an orphan and his personality is a bit unsatisfactory.

Both Sun Jiayu and Yan Jing are excellent fighters. They will compete every time they compete. Jing is always dissatisfied with Sun Jiayu’s results, so he troubles him. The two fought and were led. After seeing it, Sun Jiayu took the initiative to find the leader and took the responsibility, and was fined to run for ten kilometers.

This made Xi Jin feel very ashamed. He thought that Sun Jiayu was a real man, so they became brothers closer and closer. Old Cheng Sun Jiayu and Yan Jing befriended their brothers. They bought an expensive lighter with their three names engraved as tokens. Later, Sun Jiayu was expelled for theft of public property. Unexpectedly, a year later, he heard that he was mingled with drug dealers, and that he and Lao Cheng entered the ranks of anti-drug police.

Later, I learned that Sun Jiayu went to Deng Kun’s drug cartel to work as an undercover agent. Those who can be regarded as undercover agents by superiors are the best soldiers. Strict and unwilling to accept Sun Jiayu’s attention from superiors instead of him, he is no better. The two sons are bad, how rigorous I hope he was the best soldier of the year, rigorously misses the three outstanding soldiers of the year and now they are separated from the sky, and his restaurant is called one-third to commemorate the friendship of the three. .

When Ji Xiaoou came home and saw that Zhan Yu’s case was still being broadcast on the TV, it mentioned that Zhan Yu was a drug dealer. This made Ji Xiaoou wonder if it was Yan Shen’s leaked news, but she did not say about Zhan Yu’s drug trafficking. Get out. Ji Xiaoou was afraid that Zhanyu’s mother would also know the news of her son’s drug trafficking, so she wanted to see her and stay with her strictly.

When the two people went to see her, they learned that she had been sent to the hospital because Zhan Yu died, and Zhan Hailong was also arrested for taking drugs. Liu Meiqin lay in the hospital and blamed Ji Xiaoou. She shouldn’t help frame Zhan Yu strictly It’s a drug dealer. Ji Xiaoou persuaded Liu Meiqin to sell drugs, but Zhan Yu was still a good boy. Zhan Yu was kind in heart. He went astray only because of his family. Rigorous also went to Liu Meiqin’s bedside, hoping that she could treat herself as her own son.

Liu Meiqin gave Ji Xiaoou a bunch of keys and asked her to help her with the phone. There were many photos of Zhan Yu. Liu Meiqin and Ji Xiaoou said that Zhan Yu was always unhappy before, and that he took on so many responsibilities at such a young age. Maybe Zhan Yu didn’t want Ji Xiaoou to see his bad side. Ji Xiaoou went to Zhan Yu’s house and looked at Zhan Yu’s psychological pain. She couldn’t help crying with rigor.

Zhao Tinghui and Lao Cheng wanted to implement a plan to arrest Liu Wei at the border, but the Sesana protected Liu Wei very well, and it was not easy to get close to Liu Wei, making it very difficult to arrest.

Lao Cheng called Yan Jing and said that Liu Wei had been locked, and Li Chuan left it to him, so he had to be careful and prepared.

Ji Xiaoou and Yan Jing said that his detoxification had been completed, and they were leaving at night, but Jing asked Ji Xiaoou to leave the next day. Ji Xiaoou had no choice but to agree to his request.

In the evening, Ji Xiaoou took away the camera in Rigorous’s room. When he was sleeping, the power was cut off due to the rain. Rigorous said that he had a fever and ran to Ji Xiaoou’s bed to sleep. He did not expect that Rigorous suffered a backache after being kicked by Ji Xiaoou because of his injuries. No, ask Ji Xiaoou to call 120.

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