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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 21 Recap

Rigor was finally released from prison. Before leaving, Rigor stated that this should be the first time that Zhao Tinghui caught the wrong person, and hoped that Zhao Tinghui could catch the real murderer. Zhao Tinghui urged the strict case not to leave the country before the case was closed, and said that he would cooperate with the police to solve the case. He also planned to plan his honeymoon trip with Xiaoou in Xinjiang and would not leave the country.

After that, Ji Xiaoou and his relatives went to pick him up at the door. They found that Xiaoou was injured when he fell during the experiment to exonerate him. Fangya must be strict to be able to express her opinion with Ji Xiaoou, so he asked everyone to go to the third I ate together, and hoped to confess to Ji Xiaoou at that time.

At the dinner table, Xi Jin expressed his gratitude for everyone’s help. Xi asked his brother to thank Ji Xiaoou. Not only did he keep his restaurant in good order, but he also tried his best to defend his case. Even this rigor cannot be disappointed. Ji Xiaoou’s true feelings, so rigorously expressed his gratitude to Ji Xiaoou for his performance in court and toast Ji Xiaoou a glass of wine. Everyone thought that Yan Jing would propose to Ji Xiaoou.

Unexpectedly, he was just grateful. This made everyone wonder. Ji Xiaoou was also a little disappointed. Old Cheng was afraid that they might misunderstand Ji Xiaoou’s rigorous detoxification work so that they would have time together. Up. Later, Strict and Lao Cheng said in private that he had just gone out and had not prepared any wedding gifts. He didn’t want to be so dull with Ji Xiaoou’s marriage proposal. He had to be well prepared.

On the other hand, Zhao Tinghui and his colleagues were also studying the arguments of Yanshen in court, and found nothing wrong, so Zhao Tinghui discussed with everyone, on the one hand, looking for rigorous new evidence, on the other hand, they should also be careful to say Liu Wei conducts an investigation and then interrogates Little Beauty to see if Liu Wei’s suspicious points can be discovered from her.

Ji Xiaoou went to a private place to detoxify with Rigor. She strictly controlled all the daily necessities. She had to follow Ji Xiaoou’s instructions during the detoxification period. Originally, she was rigorously thinking that something would happen to Ji Xiaoou during this period. What, but I didn’t expect Ji Xiaoou to sleep separately with him.

When Rigor fell asleep, Ji Xiaoou saw that Rigor’s upper body was covered with scars. The distressed Ji Xiaoou wanted to touch it. At this moment, Rigor woke up and said that these scars were honorable medals. Then he teased Xiaoou and asked her to accompany her. Take a bath together, Ji Xiaoou quickly walk away and ask him to eat out.

Fang Niya told Lao Cheng that she was pregnant. Lao Cheng was very happy, but worried that her son would be unhappy. He didn’t expect Lele to be very happy. He also wanted to have a younger brother. Lao Cheng and Fang Niya said that he would work hard with Fang Ni as soon as possible. Ya got married.

Ji Xiaoou uses surveillance to monitor rigorous work and rest time every day. He can only feel relieved when he sees him falling asleep in the room, and wakes him up early the next morning, which makes the rigorous habit of sleeping late is uncomfortable. After Strictly eat breakfast, he will go out for a morning run. Ji Xiaoou rides a bicycle to accompany Strictly running. He makes strict plans for exercise every day. Although Strict has served as a soldier, he hasn’t trained for a long time. He can’t stand the intensity of training again. , But Ji Xiaoou was not at all merciful to his training, and didn’t want to continue the painful and tiring rigor.

Ji Xiaoou received a call from her mother, telling her not to be with Jing. Regardless of whether he kills or not, the most important thing is that Jing is already a drug addict. As long as he has a history of drug abuse, it’s not easy to quit, but Ji Xiaoou has firm confidence in Jing. She believed that Jing would not touch drugs, and told her mother that she and Jing would never be separated again. This was overheard by Jing, and a happy smile appeared on her mouth.

Zhao Tinghui went to the prison to interrogate the little beauty, and told the little beauty about their investigation. Duan Ruisheng’s death is directly related to Liu Wei. I hope that the little beauty can cooperate with them to find Liu Wei’s hiding place so that he can also return the period. The truth about Ruisheng will be clear only by grasping what happened to Liu Wei back then.

The little beauty told Zhao Tinghui that Liu Wei had a gangster business at the border. Some partners, one of them was Cesana, and the others didn’t know. The little beauty asked Zhao Tinghui whether Duan Ruisheng’s death really had something to do with Liu Wei? If such a little beauty is really sad, he has always regarded Liu Wei as the most trusted person and regarded him as Duan Ruisheng’s life and death brother.

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