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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 20 Recap

A hundred years ago, the Spanish flu was rampant and had a strong contagious power. It took the lives of countless people in Taiwan. In Xia Qin’s previous life, Fang Yao was a benevolent doctor. In addition to helping patients to the home hotel for isolation and care, she also took care of her own life. The hotel owner at the time was also Fang Yao’s sister, Fang Qiong. The younger sister insisted on practicing medicine without heeding advice.

Fang Qiong begged Zhao Zimo from his previous life to dissuade Fang Yao, but he did not expect that the Japanese businessman who was engaged in the pharmaceutical trade and the childhood sweetheart of Fang’s sisters, Zhao Zimo from the previous life, also worked desperately to save people. When the epidemic was out of control, evil people invaded hotels and robbed drugs in masks. The previous sisters Zhao Zimo, Fang Yao, and Fang Qiong faced life and death! In order to save Fang Yao from being seriously injured, Fang Yao took care of Zhao Zimo, who was in a coma.

After life and death, the two agreed to each other for life and decided to join hands to grow old. In this life, Zhao Zimo felt the affection between Fang Yao and his previous life, and felt heartache and sweetness. The puzzle of past life memories gradually became clearer, and Zhao Zimo fell into past life memories in this life, unable to be herself for a long time. After Xia Xiaqin and Zhao Zimo returned to the Lingxiao Hotel, Xia Qin finally couldn’t bear to worry and asked Zhao Zimo what happened.

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