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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 19 Recap

Gu Manlu comforted Gu Manzhen that it was not worth dying for a man. Gu Manzhen refused to admit her fate. She believed that she had done nothing wrong. Gu Manzhen always has nightmares. Although she is suffering now, as long as Shen Shijun is by her side, she also feels happy. Shen Shijun waited at the door of Gu’s house all night. Gu Manlu went out and accused Shen Shijun, believing that she was the wrong person, and that Shen Shijun did not protect Gu Manzhen. Gu Manlu has only one younger sister and has a lot of opinions on Shen Shijun.

Gu Manzhen came out to stop Gu Manlu, saying that it was not Shen Shijun’s fault that he was injured. Gu Manzhen took Shen Shijun’s hand to feel like all ordinary lovers, pursuing something memorable. When the two were watching a movie, Shen Shijun fell asleep and Gu Manzhen cuddled beside him. The two came to the Wishing Maple Forest again, praying silently in their hearts, hoping that their love would last forever.

Shen Shijun took Gu Manzhen to the church and asked her to pray to the godfather for her troubles and hopes. She couldn’t talk here. Gu Manzhen stood up and said aloud what he was holding in his heart. She is just an ordinary woman who can only make money and has no other hobbies. There is still a family to take care of. Shen Shijun said that men in this world will always look for his ribs, and Gu Manzhen is the one he wants to find.

Gu’s mother and grandma were extremely anxious, and they never saw Gu Manzhen come back, worrying that Gu Manzhen and Shen Shijun would be unsafe together. Gu Manlu believed that her own affairs could only be in her own hands. She held Shi Jingxuan’s most precious black cat and slammed into Shi Jingxuan confidently, saying that her son was gone, her sister was almost dead, and she didn’t want to live anymore. People who don’t want to survive are actually the most terrifying. Shi Jingxuan was shocked when Gu Manzhen deliberately threw the black cat to the ground.

Shi Cuizhi ran to the Asian American Silk Weaving Factory and took Xu Shuhui away, who was repairing the equipment. The two took the tram. The tram was too crowded. Shi Cuizhi was squeezed out of her shoes. Xu Shuhui helped her find it. There was a personal wallet lost in the car. He insisted that Xu Shuhui stole it because Xu Shuhui was wearing dirty work clothes. The police came and forcibly took Xu Shuhui away. Shi Cuizhi couldn’t stand it, and beat the police violently, but both were imprisoned.

For a moment in prison, Shi Cuizhi felt fear and fear, which she had never experienced before. No matter how she shouted, the police outside would not open the door for him. Shi Cuizhi thought of Shi Jingxuan. He wanted to let these doggy police know that she could not be bullied by anyone. Xu Shuhui said that this is the reality. The ordinary people have no money or power, and these policemen will not let them out. Shi Cuizhi shouted Shi Jingxuan’s name, and the police hurried over to open the door and apologized to her.

Shi Cuizhi knew that he had a bad attitude, and took Xu Shuhui to eat food. When he arrived at the restaurant, the waiter drove Xu Shuhui out because he was wearing inappropriate clothes. Shi Cuizhi took Xu Shuhui to buy a formal suit at Vipshop, and pulled Xu Shuhui back to the restaurant. Shi Cuizhi punished the waiter, Xu Shuhui stopped her, saying that they were all ordinary people. Shi Cuizhi said that this street belonged to Shi Jingxuan. As long as she spoke, Xu Shuhui felt a little embarrassed, and the two broke up unhappy.

Xu Shuhui was uncomfortable, went to gamble, was beaten, and was drunk. When Shen Shijun saw Xu Shuhui’s injury, he continued to accuse him, thinking that Shi Cuizhi was the flower of the greenhouse. He did not want Xu Shuhui to degenerate himself because of Shi Cuizhi.

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