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Eternal Love Rain 倾世锦鳞谷雨来 Episode 24 End Recap

Because of Ning Xiuren’s greed, the scales exploded, and everything in the world appeared to be declining. Three years later, the red land was thousands of miles away, hungry everywhere, and the world was suffering. Su Yinyin often used porridge to help the people in front of Ning Mansion. After Mo Chengfeng became demented, he returned to kindness. Li Ji took over the court instead of Li Si. Su Yinyin felt Ning Xiurui’s presence again suddenly, and Su Yinyin jumped into the sea to find her lover, and Ni Lin finally returned to the master at this time. During the drought season, coincided with a fire, Ning Xiurui turned into rain to save the world, and he would never be physically visible anymore. The following year, Li Ji, dressed in a dragon robe, led Wanmin to kneel at the Rain Prayer Platform, while Su Yinyin was still waiting for the return of his lover.

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