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Eternal Love Rain 倾世锦鳞谷雨来 Episode 23 Recap

Li Ji was depressed because of Tang Linlin’s marriage. Su Yinyin saw that the two care about each other and encouraged them to bravely pursue true love. On the wedding day, Tang Linlin kept thinking about the past with Li Ji. When Tang Linlin and Young Master Yunqi were visiting the hall, Li Ji expressed his heart in front of everyone, and successfully married with Su Yinyin’s assistance. Tang Linlin and Li Ji settled on the cliff for life, and asked Li Si to give the imperial decree of marriage. The two finally got married under the blessing of everyone. Su Yinyin can always see Ning Xiurui’s vision, and firmly believes that Ning Xiurui will return to her. Ning Xiuren didn’t have enough energy to control Ni Lin, and was backlashed by Ni Lin.

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