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Eternal Love Rain 倾世锦鳞谷雨来 Episode 22 Recap

Ning Xiurui saw through Mo Chengfeng’s true face and allowed him to receive the punishment he deserved. After everything was over, Ning Xiurui rescued Su Yinyin by replacing the scales with the dragon’s heart regardless of persuasion, and Ning Xiuren got Nilin as he wished. Ning Xiurui fell into an endless deep sleep because of the loss of the dragon’s heart and Ni Lin. After Su Yinyin woke up, he could not accept Ning Xiurui’s departure, and often went to the cliff to wait for Ning Xiurui’s return. Mo Chengfeng was detained in accordance with the law, and when he was in prison, he saw Ning Xiuren’s phantom completely mentally broken. Tang Linlin and Yunqi’s wedding were approaching, and she did not feel happy because of the marriage as she wished. Li Ji chose to become the one she loves.

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