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Eternal Love Rain 倾世锦鳞谷雨来 Episode 21 Recap

Tang Linlin’s marriage to Yun Qi has been decided, and she has refused Li Ji’s confession twice. Su Yinyin and Ning Xiurui use the world as a matchmaker and the sea as a mirror to get married on a desert island. After Li Cheng, Ni Lin took the initiative to leave Su Yinyin and returned to Ning Xiurui. Su Yinyin stopped living because of the loss of Ni Lin. Ning Xiurui took Su Yinyin back to the Dragon Palace and learned that swapping the scales with the dragon’s heart could save Su Yinyin. At the same time, he learned that Jin’er died to protect Nilin 500 years ago. Ning Xiurui returned to the mainland, visited the deceased, found evidence of the stolen heart case, and settled everything after he left.

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