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Eternal Love Rain 倾世锦鳞谷雨来 Episode 19 Recap

Su Yinyin stayed in Ningfu, trying his best to protect Ning Xiurui. Mo Chengfeng arranged the evidence to frame Ning Xiurui and successfully sent him to prison. Li Si couldn’t protect Ning Xiurui, so Li Ji, who was pleading, was also placed under house arrest. In return for Ning Xiurui’s life-saving grace, Luo Qingxin helped Su Yinyin plan Ning Xiurui’s escape route, but Ning Xiurui didn’t want to involve innocent people and refuse to escape. Li Ji was recognized as a prince when she interfered with Tang Linlin’s blind date, and Tang Linlin kept her distance from him ever since. Li Ji was very sad because of Tang Linlin’s estrangement, and Su Yinyin brought the two together again in the name of investigating the case for Ning Xiurui.

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