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Eternal Love Rain 倾世锦鳞谷雨来 Episode 13 Recap

After Su Yinyin returned home, she had been expecting Ning Xiurui to greet herself, but Ning Xiurui always restrained her thoughts. Ning Xiuren kept on designing to frame Su Yinyin in order to get Ni Lin. Ning Xiurui couldn’t hide his sincerity and asked Su Yinyin to report his itinerary at any time and formally declare war on Ning Xiuren. The feelings between Su Yinyin and Ning Xiurui are getting deeper and deeper, and the two meet on the Qiqiao Festival, but Su’s father is worried when he sees his daughter’s happiness. Li Ji accidentally learned that Ning Xiurui was not a human being, and for a while could not accept the fact that the master was a dragon. Mo Qingshan wrote from prison, hoping to see Ning Xiurui.

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