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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 32 Recap

Cai Siyu encountered a state of dry inspiration again, praying in her heart for Lu Yiyao’s appearance, but because Lu Yiyao helped Cai Siyu repair the faucet, he injured his waist again, and even a person could not move at home. Cai Siyu was about to go to Lu Yiyao’s home to meet the “Muse”.

It was the first time to come to Lu Yiyao’s home. Cai Siyu was full of interest and began to look at the decoration of Lu Yiyao’s house, but Cai Siyu didn’t realize that Lu Yiyao’s waist The state of muscle strain, until Cai Siyu inadvertently pushed Lu Yiyao, Lu Yiyao couldn’t help but wailing.

Cai Siyu decided to take care of Lu Yiyao and stimulated her writing inspiration by the way, and prepared porridge food, but Lu Yiyao had no appetite, Cai Siyu personally fed Lu Yiyao, but Lu Yiyao couldn’t get used to Cai Siyu’s taste and was helpless. Under Cai Siyu’s kind persuasion, Lu Yiyao had to drink porridge obediently.

Seeing Cai Siyu sitting on the workbench and working hard, Lu Yiyao quietly sat on the sofa and opened the master novel written by Cai Siyu. While watching Cai Siyu’s expression, Lu Yiyao had to use this method to understand his relationship Cai Siyu’s true feelings when he was “in love”. Cai Siyu finally finished writing his work, and Lu Yiyao was already asleep on the sofa. Cai Siyu looked closely at Lu Yiyao’s expression, but Lu Yiyao pulled Cai Siyu over, and Cai Siyu fell into Lu Yiyao’s arms.

Be prepared to question Lu Yiyao, but Lu Yiyao whispered to Cai Siyu that he wanted to reconcile with Cai Siyu. However, Cai Siyu tried his best to persuade herself not to fall into Lu Yiyao’s trap again. Even after Lu Yiyao’s repeated persuasion, Cai Siyu still insisted on his own opinion, threw a pillow at Lu Yiyao, and threw it away.

As soon as Cai Siyu walked out of Lu Yiyao’s home, he still couldn’t let go of the plots of the novel that he passed through with Lu Yiyao in his heart. I could only find an iron wall to calm my mood, so Cai Siyu knocked on Lu Fangning’s door.

On the other hand, Lu Yiyao came to the hospital to look at his waist, and happened to meet Ling Rui. Cai Siyu and Lu Yiyao, who were full of love troubles, madly expressed their doubts to Ling Rui and Lu Fangning, and Fangning and Ling Rui faced each other. There is nothing to say about the complicated relationship between the two. Lu Fangning in turn told Cai Siyu about his recent doubts, not understanding what Ling Rui was really thinking about.

Lu Yiyao was also taken aback when he heard that Ling Rui had reunited with Fang Ning. When he heard Ling Rui’s reasons, Lu Yiyao silently agreed. But Ling Rui said that he still didn’t know how to express his feelings over the years, and was afraid that Fang Ning would leave him again. When the two big men encountered emotional turmoil, they were speechless and had to melt into the wine.

Looking at Lu Yiyao’s unconsciousness, Ling Rui had to personally take Lu Yiyao home, and it happened that Lu Fangning and Cai Siyu went back to Lu Yiyao’s home to get the computer. Just like this, by chance, the four people met. Cai Siyu and Lu Yiyao, who were in anger, did not mention the dispute between the two, but instead used the troubles between Ling Rui and Fang Ning to make a quarrel. Lu Yiyao and Cai Siyu went back and forth. The bickering made the entanglement between Fang Ning and Ling Rui clear.

Ling Rui and Fang Ning were also speechless and had to smile awkwardly. As if everything had been arranged, Lu Yiyao and Cai Siyu had finished speaking and quickly fled the scene, leaving Ling Rui and Fang Ning alone. And Fang Ning and Ling Rui also took this opportunity to understand each other’s true thoughts, and they calculated their minds. Cai Siyu and Lu Yiyao have resolved the blocked relationship between Fang Ling, but they can’t really face the thoughts in their hearts.

Fang Ning and Ling Rui both wanted to find time to talk about their relationship when they returned home. But Mr. Cao of the contracting party hurriedly called Fang Ning, saying that there was an urgent meeting. Ling Rui informed Fang Ning about the appearance of Galfan, but Fang Ning had to settle the breakfast quickly and leave quickly. .

Tang Ping called Shen Zhuo and Bloomberg to talk about important matters, but both Bloomberg and Shen Zhuo mistakenly thought that Tang Ping had a boyfriend to announce to themselves, but Tang Ping who hung up the phone was smiling. , No one can guess its true purpose…

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