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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 30 Recap

Fang Ning slowly put down her posture and listened to Ling Rui whispering to herself in her ear: she was just here to take care of Yo-yo. Fang Ning softened. Seeing Ling Rui walking away, Fang Ning’s cheeks began to flush, and she couldn’t help feeling hot.

Bloomberg met Tang Ping’s paper towel endorsement promotion at the barbecue restaurant, but the salesman was the only one who didn’t have Tang Ping’s surroundings. After returning to his seat from the bathroom, Tang Ping saw from a distance that Bloomberg was fighting for his surroundings. Looks like, I can’t help but start secretly happy.

After returning to her seat, Tang Ping excitedly told Bloomberg the good news that she was about to have an emotional drama, and handed the script to Bloomberg. Tang Ping suggested that the two rehearse the scene of a lover at first sight on the bus, but Tang Ping exaggerated it. Bloomberg’s acting skills can not help but feel a little ashamed. Tang Ping asked Bloomberg to demonstrate. I don’t know whether it was a gift or a real emotional explosion. Bloomberg leaned against Tang Ping’s shoulder, and that light made Tang Ping feel the throbbing of her heart…

Yo-yo fell asleep. Ling Rui walked out of the bedroom lightly and looked at the familiar room layout. Ling Rui recalled that after Fang Ning left without saying goodbye, he went from searching crazily to finally giving up and finally giving up.

Everyone in this room One corner is scattered with my own sadness. Ling Rui unscrewed the handle and saw Fang Ning’s sleeping face, as if she saw Fang Ning’s sadness when she had to leave because she had to leave. She must have bid farewell to herself in tears, she must have packed her luggage in tears, she must have been in pain. I took off the wedding ring. Ling Rui shed tears silently for why the two who clearly loved each other came to where they are today.

Fang Ning woke up early in the morning to find that Ling Rui and Yo Yo had finished their breakfast. Seeing Ling Rui’s unwavering expression, Fang Ning looked a little at a loss. Without her own breakfast and no special care, Fang Ning is a bit unaccustomed to such a plain Ling Rui, but Fang Ning, who is currently in a disadvantaged situation, had to squeeze out a smile, watching Ling Rui take Yoyo away, she could only return. At work, I am busy with the design exhibition.

Tang Ping’s filming work is in progress, but Tang Ping, who is not serious about the role, feels bored, but Cai Siyu refuses. Tang Ping calls Lu Fangning and prepares to go to the design exhibition to face Fangning. On the other side, Fang Ning was grasped by Shen Zhuo. Hearing Shen Zhuo’s conception of the “grand vision” of the design exhibition, Fang Ning just listened calmly. But at this time, Ling Rui appeared with a smile holding the flower, and squeezed away Shen Zhuo who was stuck to Fang Ning. Seeing Ling Rui, Shen Zhuo knew that he was wrong, and was about to escape but was caught by Ling Rui. .

Ling Rui exposed what Shen Zhuo claimed to be Yoyo’s “dad” on the spot, and watched the couple in front of him attacking him together. Knowing that he was outnumbered, Shen Zhuo could only flee. Tang Ping witnessed everything from a distance. “Mama God” saw “Daddy”. Tang Ping mistakenly thought that Shen Zhuo was the mistress of Fang Ling’s pair. She quickly caught Shen Zhuo, but Shen Zhuo’s rhetoric made Tang Ping let go of her guard. The two victims of “Fang Ning’s atrocities” began to talk about Fang Ning’s bad things together.

Ling Rui offered to accompany Fang Ning to participate in the student consultation dinner. As soon as Ling Rui appeared, he was ridiculed and teased by the students. Hearing everyone began to speculate about the relationship between Fang Ning and Ling Rui, Fang Ning and Ling Rui Also started drinking water very “tacitly”. At this time, a girl appeared, who turned out to be an admirer of a boy at the dinner table, pursuing it in the form of a stalker. Looking at the familiar conversations and actions in front of them, Ling Rui and Fang Ning remembered the similar memories of the two at the same time. Ling Rui secretly laughed and winked at Fang Ning.

Fang Ning had to be rather embarrassed “tactically.” Drink water”. Facing the wine glass handed over, Ling Rui thoughtfully took Fang Ning over to stop the wine, but as soon as Ling Rui left, the students at the dinner table revealed to Fang Ning that Ling Rui was famous for drinking. Fang Ning was very impressed. At the intersection, after Ling Rui came back, he took the initiative to take the wine glass, and finally his cheeks turned red.

Fang Ning looked a lot more headstrong after getting drunk, and she kept talking with Ling Rui, including the silly girl who suddenly appeared at the dinner today and all the seemingly alienated performances of Ling Rui. Fang Ning asked Ling Rui if she was in Ling Rui. There was such a stupid existence in Rui’s heart. Seeing Ling Rui’s silence, Fang Ning agreed to Yu’s poetic existence as if he had explained, allowing Ling Rui to live his life with confidence. Listening to Fang Ning’s self-confidence, Ling Rui stood up suddenly, grabbed Fang Ning, and said that he had missed Fang Ning for many years. Ling Rui knew that Fang Ning had not been so delirious.

Ning’s attempt to “get rid of” Ling Rui’s words aroused Ling Rui’s emotions. Ling Rui complained and stated to Fang Ning that the relationship between the two will always exist and will not disappear because of Fang Ning’s words. Hearing Ling Rui’s loud and loud words, Fang Ning couldn’t help but shed tears. Finally, Ling Rui proposed to Fang Ning to reconcile. Fang Ning thought he had misheard, but Ling Rui grabbed Fang Ning in his arms and bowed his head close. , Their faces overlapped under the moonlight…

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