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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 29 Recap

Ling Mu confessed to Ling Rui that she had found Lu Fangning and revealed that Ling Rui had been invited by the German Institute. Mother Ling thought it was her own intervention that caused the divorce between the two, but Ling Rui comforted her mother when she knew it. And the smart and lovely Yoyo saw the opportunity to please the three Ling’s mistresses, and they made everyone happy.

Fang Ning was still struggling with Yo-yo’s situation at Ling’s house. At this time, Tang Ping and Cai Siyu brought the toys they brought Yo-yo to the door. Knowing Yo-yo was not at home, Fang Ning looked at the two people eager to find Yo-yo. I took this opportunity to take the two of them to Ling’s house, and by the way, I personally check Yoyo. Seeing Fang Ning’s uncharacteristic cordiality, the two immediately questioned Fang Ning’s true face. Fang Ning had to tell Ling Rui’s custody dispute.

Tang Ping and Cai Siyu were angry and realized that this seemed unexpected. In order to help Fang Ning, the two of them unanimously proposed the method of “sexy seduction”, which originally thought it was nonsense, but under the common aggressive method of Tang Ping and Cai Siyu, Lu Fangning agreed immediately.

Because of his busy work, Ling Rui had to take Yoyo to the hospital. The lovely Lu Youyou took away the love of all the medical staff. As soon as the sharp-toothed Lu Youyou saw Teacher Ling Rui’s appearance, after a few words, the professor smiled and hugged Lu Youyou.

Lu Fangning found Ling’s family, but Ling’s mother and aunt tried their best to get rid of Lu Fangning, even implying that Lu Fangning was the one who took the child’s happiness away. Only the little aunt gave Lu Fangning the message that Ling Rui and Lu Youyou were in the hospital in the name of throwing garbage.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Fang Ning heard the nurses’ gossip about the relationship between Ling Rui and Lu Fangning, and hearing the news that Ling Rui had put on the ring, Lu Fangning realized that he had never inquired about Ling Rui’s current relationship. . When I walked to Yu Shiyi’s office, I found the existence of Lu Youyou. Seeing Lu Youyou’s friendly attitude towards poetry, Lu Fangning became hostile. When he realized that Yu Shiyi in front of him was Ling Rui’s rumored “gossip girlfriend”, Lu Fangning stood up in an attacking state, and walked away from Lu Youyou.

Lu Fangning and Yu Shiyi began a verbal confrontation. When Yu Shiyi was stimulated by words, Lu Fangning began to praise Ling Rui and talked about Ling Rui. Rui’s thoughtfulness and care for herself, but who knows that Ling Rui has silently walked to the door of Yu’s poetic office, watching Fang Ning say good things about herself, she can’t help but secretly joy. When the firepower was about to reach an uncontrollable level, Ling Rui appeared in time and pulled Lu Fangning away.

The three of them were walking on the small road. Fang Ning was still thinking about what he had just said. Thinking of the gossip passed by the nurses, Fang Ning euphemistically said to Ling Rui that Yu Shiyi was not suitable for Yoyo’s stepmother, but Ling Rui was helpless. He explained that the relationship between himself and Yu Shiyi was just an ordinary colleague. After this matter, Fang Ning once again mentioned that he wanted to take Lu Youyou back.

Although he might not be used to it, it was actually Fang Ning. Instinct as a mother. But Ling Rui still wanted to seriously cultivate a relationship with Youyou, whom he hadn’t seen for many years. Fang Ning casually mentioned that the three of them were living together, and Ling Rui agreed with Ling Rui. Seeing Ling Rui’s firm expression, Fang Ning was stunned. I don’t know what to say.

Bloomberg called Tang Ping, but she heard Bloomberg’s still cautious tone, Tang Ping hung up the phone with anger, until Bloomberg finally called herself “Ping Ping sister”, Tang Ping was satisfied and invited Bloomberg eats barbecue together. At the dinner, Bloomberg talked about his “entrance video”. It was Tang Ping who insisted on going to the store to do the live broadcast of household products at the time of Luming crisis. In Bloomberg’s eyes, it seemed a very righteous move. With Tang Ping’s encouragement, Bloomberg uttered all Tang Ping’s “circle fan spots” he knew and understood, which caused Tang Ping’s eyes to turn red and was deeply moved.

The three of them officially started living together in the family. Watching Ling Rui and Lu Youyou having fun, including Ling Rui’s “fatal temptation” every move, Fang Ning again mentioned to Ling Rui’s request to leave temporarily. Ling Rui realized that Lu Fangning’s attitude was vacillating, and he needed some of his own “tough” attitude to persecute, and Fang Ning could not help but start to accelerate as Ling Rui approached and enlarged the face in front of him…

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