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The Envy Code รหัสริษยา Episode 6 Recap

After the palais (Pink Ploy – Paphawadee) The auction has been won. Then proceeded with the plan by ordering the qualifications (X-Thitinan) hired a company of Rasika (Pim-Pimphan) working instead, which Razika was trapped. Palai felt guilty about Thana (Great-Soraphon) and went to look for the house. By meeting with Nichada (Praew-Chermawee) Thanamen ignored the palai. Nichada is not acting right. But Thana also sat there. Because he didn’t want to sit with two Palai felt bad that the bank was ignored.

Chan Jang (Kookikik – Khitchakorn) went to see Siwa (Bank-Athit) at the house, brought back to meet Chan was shocked to see the pagoda in Siva’s house so he fainted. Go home to sue Rashika. Razika said she knew long ago that she was living in Siva as his wife. Even making Chan Jae regret deeply that the real mother I know, but I don’t tell. Chanprang thinks that he will kill himself. Razika saw first and went up and helped. Siva took the medicine from her father’s data collection to Nichada, please check what medicine it is.

Siva began to want to know what his father had done in the past. As for Thana, Siva’s father was being carried and assaulted. Because Thana would give up the dismantling of Sorasak (Moo-Dilok) case, but Thana refused to be beaten until death. Kam Kaew (Mai-Natha), Thana’s mother knew, called Palai The showman came and asked Siwa to help Thana too.

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