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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 15 Recap

Yanhong walked out of the room, and Boss Feng suddenly ran over. He distracted everyone and planned to start with Boss Feng. Yanhong poured a glass of water to Boss Feng, pretending to plan together with Boss Feng, who knew that Boss Feng had no mercy on her. , Directly killed Yan Hong with the scissors she hid. Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing found Qin Yiheng’s clothes under the tree, but did not find Qin Yiheng. After hearing the bell rang, they had to rush back to their residence.

Boss Feng used a trick to hang Jiang Shuo and threatened Yuan Muqing to lock himself in the bed. At this time Boss Feng suddenly vomited blood, and Yanhong’s poison in the tea was effective. So Boss Feng planned to die with the two who lost their mobility. He took out the lighter and was about to do it. Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing gave a wink. Jiang Shuo grabbed the knife from Boss Feng and put them down, but the lighter Still igniting the room, Jiang Shuo in the sea of ​​flames did not have time to rescue Yuan Muqing, and the beams of the smashed room were crushed.

Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing were trapped in the sea of ​​fire. At this time, they no longer had any doubts and expressed their love to each other. Jiang Shuo tried his best to express his love for Yuan Muqing, and then fainted. . The two people who woke up again found themselves in a secret room. The pictures on the mirrors on the surrounding mirrors foreshadow the deaths of the previous people, and Jiang Shuo also saw himself a year ago. It turns out that he is really a six-finger apprentice. The mask man from a year ago.

At this moment, a masked man stood behind them, and the masked man took off his mask. He was the missing Qin Yiheng. The masked man a year later, Qin Yiheng said that the three of them could only survive one person, and then he The two stunned again. When Jiang Shuo woke up again, he found himself in a cell, locked by an iron chain. When he recalled what happened before he fainted, he found that he had killed Qin Yiheng and Yuan Muqing, and he was the only one who survived. The memory made Jiang Shuo very scared, but before he could think about it, the prison door opened, and a doctor-like man walked in behind the two prison guards.

Jiang Shuo was taken out of the cell by the prison guards and came to a cell. The people inside called him a lunatic murderer. This made Jiang Shuo puzzled. The sound of opening the door came from behind. Jiang Shuo looked back. I saw Qin Yiheng who had come back from the dead, but the doctor in front of him said that this was caused by his increased hallucinations. The doctor told Jiang Shuo that he came here because he was crazy. Under the restraint of the prison guards, he could not move. He could only be injected with medicine by the doctor. The doctor followed Jiang Shuo into his memory and forced him to admit that he had killed Qin Yiheng. , But Jiang Shuo firmly believed that he would not kill Qin Yiheng, so he refused to confess.

The voice beside Jiang Shuo’s cell told Jiang Shuo not to provoke those people in the prison, nor to confess, otherwise he would really not be able to get out. With the help of the person in the cell opposite, Jiang Shuo managed to get out of his cell, but there was no one outside, as if it were an empty cell. Jiang Shuo entered a laundry room, Qin Yiheng’s voice came in his mind, but he couldn’t know where Qin Yiheng was. At this time, the doctor rushed over and locked Jiang Shuo again.

In order to convince Jiang Shuo that he killed Qin Yiheng, the doctor told him to see Qin Yiheng’s brother, but his brother could not hear Jiang Shuo’s voice at all. Jiang Shuo felt puzzled. He didn’t know what happened between him and Qin Yiheng. The person on the other side provided him with information. As long as he entered the file room, he could investigate the person he wanted to know.

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