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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 19 Recap

Xu Tianai tried everything possible to get close to Aniu (Zhang Liqian), which made Shao Yufang feel unhappy. Shao Zi didn’t know how much he cared about Aniu, and it grew day by day. Secretary Monica informs Zhenyu that Zhang Liqian’s father has returned to China and he is unhappy because he is not connected with Zhang Liqian. Zhang Zhenyu is thoughtful.

Xia Qin asked Zhao Zimo to accompany him on the expedition, but planned to take Zhao Zimo to the place of residence on Zhao Zimo’s ID card to detect the authenticity of Zhao Zimo’s identity. Xia Xiaqin tortured one by one, Zhao Zimo almost couldn’t stand it, but fortunately, the “neighbor grandma” recognized Zhao Zimo well, and Xia Qin was relieved.

Due to the inspection of the traffic schedule, the two decided to stay away and came to a quaint hot spring hotel. As soon as Zhao Zimo saw the hotel, he paused in his steps, and his memories of his past life flashed in his mind, and he couldn’t tell if the girl in front of him was Fang Yao from the past life or Xia Xiaqin in this life?

Memories of past lives continue to pop into Zhao Zimo’s mind, overlapping with reality. Compared with Zhao Zimo’s memory in his previous life, the appearance of the hotel in this world has hardly changed, but the personnel are no longer there. The photo wall in the hot spring hotel directly pulled Zhao Zimo into the whirlpool of memories of past lives. This also allowed him to find out that the plague god Sophia was actually related to the entanglement in the previous life! ?

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