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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 20 Recap

Strictness arrived on the court day, and the Strict team had no good options. This made Yan Shen very anxious. At this time, Ji Xiaoou took the food to see her, hoping that she would be in a good state to face her during the Strict Court. rigorous. Yan Shen regretted not persuading the strict neighbors to change their words and said that Zhan Yu walked out of the strict house alive, but was afraid that her brother would not agree.

Ji Xiaoou told Yan Shen that she firmly believed that strictness did not kill, and she would be acquitted. I checked the information all night, but there was no good evidence. The two people spent the night in the studio and Yan Shen didn’t have a good rest, which made her mental state not very good.

Many reporters blocked the door early in the morning to report on this case. Rigor was brought to the court. The prosecutor prosecuted Rigor. Then the judge asked if Rigor was denying the guilt. Rigor would certainly not plead guilty. At this time, the prosecutor asked Rigor, and the prosecutor also questioned Rigor about the case.

The police took out The evidence that rigorous went to Zhan Yu’s house to help in pursuit of Ji Xiaoou made many observers boo. Strictly took the evidence that Zhan Yu was beaten by Liu Wei to the judge. There was evidence that Zhan Yu was released by Liu Wei to the hospital with rigorous help.

Strict said that his lighter was taken away by Zhan Yu because of serious drug addiction on New Year’s Eve. Zhan Yu did not want to call Strict drug addiction and took away the lighter. Strict did not want to continue to implicate Zhan Yu, so he pushed Zhan Yu out of the house. The addiction still hasn’t alleviated. After the rigorous drug addiction stabilized, I saw that he and Zhan Yu were in a mess when they were snatching drugs, and the ground was in a mess.

I was rigorously worried that Zhan Yu would go out and took a look. I didn’t see Zhan Yu’s figure. If Zhan Yu did not step out of the surveillance of his community, it must be because Zhan Yu did not take the elevator, but was killed by someone lying in the corner. That talent is the real murderer, and it is rigorous to guess that the real murderer is rigorous, but right I met Zhan Yu by chance and broke his plan, so Zhan Yu was unfortunately killed, and that person was Liu Wei.

The prosecutor asked Yan Jing found strict skin tissues in Zhan Yu’s nails, and also found Zhan Yu’s blood on the strict clothes. How should this be explained? Strictly speaking, it was caused when they robbed drugs.

When the witness asked questions, Lao Cheng told the judge that it was rigorous to develop Zhan Yu and hoped that Lao Cheng could give Zhan Yu a chance to atone. However, the neighbors downstairs were very disadvantageous to the strict testimony, and the restaurant manager who was strictly fighting Zhan Yu was also very disadvantageous to the strict testimony, and at that time, the strict said that he would kill Zhan Yu.

Zhan Yu’s mother said that her son did not sell drugs, and that she wanted to pursue Ji Xiaoou when she approached her family strictly. She must have killed his son strictly.

When Zhao Tinghui appeared in court to testify, Yan Shen asked if he and Ji Xiaoou had a romantic relationship? Zhao Tinghui can only admit that this caused an uproar among the observers. Yan Shen continued to ask Zhao Tinghui, did the rigorous arrests be made by the rigorous talent in his family’s community?

Zhao Tinghui can only answer yes, Strictly ask them, except for the person who pretended to be Strict, does he have any evidence to prove Strict’s guilt? Zhao Tinghui could only answer yes, when Ji Xiaoou walked into the court, he was helped in by Old Feng and gave Yan Shen a USB flash drive.

Yan Shen and the judge said that the surveillance showed that Rigor first appeared in the elevator video at 22:25, and then the cleaner appeared in the underground garage at 22:40. They were very concerned about Rigor and removed the body from eight in just 15 minutes.

There was a disagreement with the warehouse from the building, so Yan Shen did an experiment and asked Lao Feng to carry sandbags from the eighth floor to the basement, Ji Xiaoou, and follow the video of the whole process, and then change into the cleaner’s clothes and shoes to see if it works. It took them how long they did five experiments, with an average of 18 minutes and 50 seconds, which proved that rigor did not have enough time to transport the body.

Yan Shen asked Ji Xiaoou and Zhan Yu’s rigorous relationship in a triangle? Ji Xiaoou said that Zhan Yu is her younger brother, and Zhan Yu also told Ji Xiaoou that strictness is a good person, and that strictness has always loved Ji Xiaoou. The court finally acquitted him with insufficient evidence.

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