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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 19 Recap

Strict was stared at by the young man Marin early in the morning. When he woke up, he found that Marin was always good to him. Strict and curious asked why he should be good to himself? Marin thinks that rigor is a good person. In the detention center, only rigor is good for him, and he also believes that he did not kill, which makes rigor very gratified.

Fangnia and Lao Feng said that Rigorous had killed someone six years ago, and because his sister was a lawyer, Rigorous had reversed the case. Lao Feng told Fangya that they were all spreading rumors. Was shot.

Yan Shen went to Teacher Shen’s house to visit her master. She showed the case information to her master. The current evidence is not good for rigor. She still has to collect more evidence to prove her brother’s innocence. However, Teacher Shen called Yan Shen better to go steadily. Every step, do not rush, this is a protracted battle.

Lao Cheng is cured and can be discharged. Lao Cheng vowed to catch Liu Wei, or he would not feel at ease. Lao Cheng learned about the case explained by the little beauty. They have no much connection with the 1020 case six years ago. The real slippery fish is the drug maker. The little beauty has never seen the drug maker. She is from the Internet. Orders were traded through logistics. At this time, Lao Cheng received a call and someone who looked like Liu Wei appeared in Guangxi. Lao Cheng asked someone to hurry up and keep an eye on the suspect. It would be troublesome if he fled abroad to arrest people.

Yan Shen asked Ji Xiaoou to be one-third of the store manager. Now the restaurant has no heads, so he must find a leader to help. Yan Shen took Ji Xiaoou to the restaurant and asked all his staff to listen to Ji Xiaoou’s arrangements. However, the restaurant manager thought that Ji Xiaoou was a top-notch figure and seemed to be detrimental to the restaurant’s reputation, so Ji Xiaoou said that she changed one third of it to a seafood stall In this way, there will be a flow.

The customers of the restaurant are all people with identities. Now that there is no one to support the strict accident, so we must put survival first, and then change back to the original mode after the strict case is over. There won’t be any impact, so she is behind the scenes and Manager Yu is in the front office, so it’s fine to discuss something with her.

Ji Xiaoou worked in a rigorous office and took out a rigorous photo to remember what rigor had said to himself. This made Ji Xiaoou miss rigor even more and believe that rigor is innocent.

In the detention center, Yan Jing chatted with Marin about the people they were worried about. Marin asked if the girl Yan Jing liked was pretty, and would he marry her when he went out? Strictly told him to go to bed as soon as possible, but the young man couldn’t sleep, and he was going to have a second trial in a few days. The lawyer thought he was hopeless.

After the second trial, Marin was sentenced to reprieve. He was desolately locked in a small black room and had a nervous breakdown. Strictly applied to see Marin. When Marin saw Strict, it was like seeing his relatives. Strict told Marin that he went out. He would treat Grandpa Marin like his grandfather, and ask him to rest assured to reform and fight for a reduced sentence to get out.

Ji Xiaoou asked Fangnia to help her friends to join one-third of her friends. Yan Shen went to the detention center to see her brother. She has not found any evidence to prove his innocence, but Yan Shen told her brother to rest assured that she would win. This lawsuit.

Yan Shen remembered what the master said. If she finds an eyewitness who watched Zhan Yu leave from Yan Jing’s house, she might trap herself too, but Yan Shen listened to her brother and knocked on the door of his neighbor’s house. After quarreling, he chose to leave.

One-third of Ji Xiaoou’s business had a surplus on the first day. Ji Xiaoou asked Manager Yu to take care of the shop. She is no longer going to one third at present. She is calling her if something happens. A serious case. The court is about to start, and Ji Xiaoou is going to do something for the rigorous case.

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