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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 18 Recap

A strict family is also a situation. The three people are worried about serious cases. Dad thinks that the police have handed over the rigorous information to the procuratorate. If the police do not have conclusive evidence, they will not hand over his information. It must be Strict really killed people. Strict mother heard these sad and crying and ran back to the room.

At this moment, Strictly said to his father that his elder brother would not kill people. Those who are celebrating the new year should not add fuel to the fire. The reunion dinner will not stop, she will definitely prove that her brother is innocent.

Ji Xiaoou’s mother finally spoke at the dinner table, telling Ji Xiaoou not to contact Rigorous. He is a murderer, but Ji Xiaoou firmly said that Rigorous did not kill. At this time someone knocked on the door and said that they heard Ji Xiaoou’s voice. To interview her about the rigorous murder case, her mother had a fire in her heart, and she poured a pot of water on the reporter’s head.

As a rigorous attorney, Yan Shen went to his brother to understand the situation of the case and told his brother that the police had enough evidence to prove that he was murdered. However, Yan Shen believed that a video with a similar body shape alone could not prove that he killed him. I told my sister what I knew, and asked him to look for evidence in his favor. When my sister left, I asked her to see Ji Xiaoou.

Ji Xiaoou went to Yanshen’s studio. Yanshen and Ji Xiaoou said that rigor is doing well in the detention center, but the truth may not necessarily prevail. Public opinion has already crushed rigor to death, and Yanshen hopes that she can go to Zhanyu’s house and call him Dad Zhan Hailong shouldn’t be used as a gun by the media, it will not benefit anyone.

Ji Xiaoou went to Zhan Yu’s house but was scolded by Zhan Yu’s mother. She believed that Zhan Yu was harmed by Ji Xiaoou. If it weren’t for Ji Xiaoou and Rigorous, her son would not die. No matter how much Ji Xiaoou had helped them, it would have changed. It became hatred. At this time, Zhan Yu’s father told Ji Xiaoou to go back quickly, unless the strict family gave him 200,000, otherwise he would go to the strict third restaurant to make trouble.

Ji Xiaoou told Yan Shen Zhan Yu’s father’s request. Yan Shen believed that he could not agree to Zhan Hailong’s request, or he would be hyped by the media. Yan Shen decided to tell the media the truth about Zhan Yu and Zhan Hailong’s drug addicts. Turn the public opinion on their father and son, but Ji Xiaoou is afraid that this will affect Zhan Yu’s reputation. After all, Ji Xiaoou hopes that Zhan Yu can retain his dignity after his death, so Ji Xiaoou plans to go to Zhan Yu’s house to find out about the situation.

Ji Xiaoou discovered that Zhan Hailong was really taking drugs. He followed Zhan Hailong and found that he and some people had taken drugs together, and then ran to one-third of the door to make trouble. At this time, Ji Xiaoou showed up and called him aside and hoped that he would stop. If he makes a fuss, otherwise he will call the police, but Zhan Hailong is not afraid, because he has taken drugs many times. Ji Xiaoou told Zhan Hailong Zhanyu to deal with drugs. If he wants his son to have dignity, don’t make a fuss. Later, he didn’t expect that Zhan Yu would sell drugs, so he had no choice but to calm down.

At Zhan Yu’s memorial service, Ji Xiaoou also went. The reporter saw that she was crazy and wanted to interview her. These things were numb to Ji Xiaoou’s old sayings. She went to Zhan Yu’s spirit and looked at Zhan Yu’s violin, remembering What Zhan Yu said to himself was unavoidably sad.

After Ji Xiaoou paid homage to Zhan Yu, he clarified with reporters that Zhan Yu was only her younger brother, and that rigor did not kill Zhan Yu, and that her relationship with Zhan Yu rigor was not a love triangle as described on the Internet.

Yan Shen thanked Ji Xiaoou for being able to speak for strictness on such occasions, but at this time there was news of strict murder six years ago on the Internet, which made Yan Shen’s lighthearted mood heavy again. Yan Shen told Ji Xiaoou six years ago that his brother and the old Cheng Erzi arrested drug dealers on the anti-drug battlefield.

The two sons were accused of homicide because they were killed by the bullets in the rigorous gun. The first instance had been convicted, but Shen Shen later discovered that he was a drug dealer. Ma Tsai took a bullet from a rigorous gun and killed the two sons. This rigor was released. This has always been a pain in the heart of rigor, so his brother has been trying to find the boss behind the 1020 drug trafficking case to avenge the two sons.

On the other side, Zhao Tinghui and his colleagues had a dinner. All of them believed that Rigor would be convicted and convicted soon, but Zhao Tinghui always felt that there were many contradictions in the case, and Liu Wei has not caught it yet. Rigor has always been rigorous. Looking for evidence to exonerate, the final direction of the case is not conclusive.

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