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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 17 Recap

In the video, a person with a body shape and rigor that resembles a face mask pushed a trash can out of the gate of the community. Zhao Tinghui firmly believes that it is rigorous. Zhao Tinghui also rigorously analyzed his motives for killing. Because Zhan Yu and Zheng were rivals in love, he wanted to kill Zhan Yu’s competitor, but rigorously told Zhao Tinghui that Ji Xiaoou never regarded Zhan Yu as a couple, but a younger brother, and Ji Xiaoou He has always had feelings for rigor, so rigor does not need to kill Zhan Yu to get Ji Xiaoou, and rigorously believes that Zhao Tinghui’s logic is not valid.

Moreover, Rigorous also told Zhao Tinghui that the murderer must be Liu Wei. It may be that Liu Wei wanted to kill Rigorous that night, but happened to meet Zhan Yu, so he killed Zhan Yu. Zhao Tinghui still agreed with the strict logic. Yes, but he firmly believes that rigor is the murderer. No matter how rigorous is said, he remains unmoved. It seems that Zhao Tinghui regards rigor as an enemy that must be eliminated, and he must make rigorous confession.

Yan Jing returned to the detention center again. Some inmates worriedly asked Yan Jing why he returned to the detention center, but Yan Jing was in a bad mood and could not answer their questions.

Zhao Tinghui repeatedly checked the video surveillance of killings and thought that what rigorous said was quite reasonable, so he took people to learn some information from acquaintances he knew rigorously.

Zhao Tinghui first went to Lao Feng. Zhao Tinghui asked Lao Feng where he spent the New Year’s Eve? Lao Feng and Fang Niya went to bed after returning home from the homecoming years. Basically nothing happened, but Lao Feng still agreed with rigorous character and thought he was a good person based on his understanding of rigor.

Zhao Tinghui went to Fonya to find out about the situation. Afterwards, Ji Xiaoou talked with Zhao Tinghui. Ji Xiaoou believed that rigor had never given up on Zhan Yu. He had been helping Zhan Yu alleviate his crime, so he would never kill Zhan Yu. Yes, and she will do all she can to prove her rigorous innocence. Yan Shen is also doing his best to search for evidence in his brother’s favor to prove his rigorous innocence.

On the other side, the real murderer posted a rigorous post about the brutal killing of Zhan Yu due to emotional problems, which has fermented Internet public opinion. Many reporters in Zhan Yu’s family are interviewing his father. Zhan Yu’s father firmly believes that rigor is a murderer and he must be his son After asking for justice, all the news on the Internet was the rigorous murder of Zhan Yu. Ji Xiaoou was also deeply affected by this incident, and Ji’s mother was even more angry when he saw the news.

Zhao Tinghui also saw the news. When he was worried about how to deal with it, Director Li called him to ask him why he was not rigorously convicted. The existing evidence should be used to rigorously convict and prosecute, so as to reduce the influence of public opinion. To the lowest. Zhao Tinghui sent someone to the detention center to ask Yan Jing to sign the arrest warrant. Yan Jing can only find a lawyer to bring the lawsuit after signing.

Lao Feng and Fang Niya found that many reporters were waiting for Ji Xiaoou’s interview at the door. Lao Feng scolded them and drove them away.

Ji Xiaoou hid at home and did not dare to go out. There was a person on the Internet called the Emperor of Truth who knew everything about Ji Xiaoou, and even knew the address of his home. This made them a little helpless. Ji Xiaoou had nowhere to run. Old Feng called Ji Xiaoou had to move first. Fangnia will live there for a while.

Strict sister Yan Shen is a lawyer. He wants to rigorously file a lawsuit for his brother. Yan Shen saw Zhao Tinghui and told him directly that this case was Zhao Tinghui’s shame, and she would prove it to Zhao Tinghui that he had caught an anti-drug hero by mistake. Yan Shen asked Zhao Tinghui to provide rigorous case materials and confessions. Facing Yan Shen, an aggressive lawyer, Zhao Tinghui felt a little overwhelmed.

Lao Feng and Fang Niya sent Ji Xiaoou home for the New Year. She was still in tears when she saw her mother. Ji Xiaoou bought a sweater for her mother to make her happy, but her mother never paid attention to Ji Xiaoou.

During the New Year’s Eve dinner, Ji Xiaoou wanted to offer a glass of wine to her mother and apologize, but her mother still did not say a word to Ji Xiaoou, holding the wine glass to drink, which made Ji Xiaoou feel even more guilty, because she made her family hide every day I am afraid of being seen by reporters.

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