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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 13 Recap

Jiang Shuo, Qin Yiheng, and Yuan Muqing boarded an isolated island. There was a strange building on the isolated island. Jiang Shuo guessed that there were very dangerous fish in the water, so he could only take two of them to explore the building first. As soon as Jiang Shuo walked into the building, he was a little dazed. A long table in his dreams seemed to have appeared in his dream. Qin Yiheng and Yuan Muqing looked around and guessed that there used to be people living here, but now it is deserted. Jiang Shuo seemed to remember What, immediately rushed to the second floor.

All the strange and familiar images made Jiang Shuo very painful. He walked straight to a room with his name hanging on it. According to what he had seen in his dream, he found the invitation letter in the drawer with a dagger inside. Seeing this, Qin Yiheng suddenly became anxious. He began to doubt Jiang Shuo’s identity. Like his father, he got the invitation letter. There were blood stains on the dagger. He even suspected that Jiang Shuo killed his father.

Yuan Muqing hurriedly persuaded Qin Yiheng, they couldn’t judge anything right now, they could only look for clues in the building. After Qin Yiheng left Jiang Shuo’s room, he found his own room. This room turned out to be the room where his father had lived before. At the door, his name was his father Qin Yi’s name. Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing wanted to go to the pier to find the boat, but the boat had been taken away by Six Fingers, and then they heard another gunshot. When they chased them, Qin Yiheng had also rushed from the building.

Then they discovered that the person who was chasing was the murderer Ren Qiang, and the person being chased was Boss Feng’s interpreter. Soon Boss Feng and the dancing girl also appeared in front of them. They looked at each other and could only return together first. In the villa. Qin Yiheng and Jiang Shuo have been investigating Six Fingers. They guessed that this was another six fingers arrangement. The Six Fingers claimed that they were all sinners, and whether they were dead or alive would depend on their good fortune.

Everyone was startled by the red cloth falling on their heads. Jiang Shuo looked at a strange mask. Qin Yiheng took off the mask first. Jiang Shuo could read the mind. The first person Qin Yiheng suspected was Jiang Shuo. When Jiang Shuo was there, they could not find the six fingers behind the scenes. Qin Yiheng’s suspicion of Jiang Shuo made Jiang Shuo feel very bad. Yuan Muqing followed him back to the room and comforted him. Her optimism and cheerfulness helped Jiang Shuo recover.

After Yuan Muqing left, Jiang Shuo picked up the invitation card on the table again. He didn’t think of a reason yet. He found that there was movement outside the door. Some worried he picked up the dagger and went out to check. Who knew that Ren Qiang would open the door as soon as I wanted to do it to him, but fortunately Yuan Muqing showed up and prevented them from doing it. Yuan Muqing and Jiang Shuo were looking for clues in the villa. Suddenly they heard something in the kitchen and saw a man in black rushing out. Jiang Shuo immediately rushed out, but when they came back they saw Yuan Muqing fainted in Ren Qiang’s room. .

In Ren Qiang’s room, Ren Qiang’s corpse was hidden. Jiang Shuo didn’t want everyone to find the corpse, but Qin Yiheng pointed at Jiang Shuo, saying that he had a ghost in his heart, so he was hiding himself. He also said that Jiang Shuo was pretending to have amnesia. Everyone thought Jiang Shuo was the murderer. Qin Yiheng took out an old photo. There was Jiang Shuo in the last party, and Jiang Shuo who can read mind is likely to be the land of six fingers, so Qin Yiheng led everyone to isolate Jiang Shuo. Although Yuan Muqing was anxious, But there was no other way but to watch Jiang Shuo being locked up by everyone.

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